THE GREEK SAYS          


The next time you hear a Pastor say “The Greek says …”, you can be ABSOLUTELY sure this is code language for “I really haven’t got a clue what the English says! That’s why I resort to a language I know even less about to bamboozle you all, so I can justify my salary.”

Fancy going to a dead language like the Greek to explain what is perfectly obvious in their first language - English!

Surely this must be the height of intellectual arrogance or linguistic buffoonery?  What other explanation could there be? (See “The Greek Game”)

And what a monumental sleight of the mind, that Satan could get men to depart from their first language and plunge into the deep, dark and unknown ‘greek’ abyss for clarity.

Surely they are living proof of “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Rom 1:22)


     1.   “… out of many good ones, one principal good one (The King James Bible), not justly to be excepted against.” (The Translators to the Reader a.k.a The Dedicatory)

That is, no critic will have any argument over what we have produced.

    2.  “The same will shine as gold more brightly being rubbed and polished.” (The Translators to the Reader a.k.a The Dedicatory)

They had complete English Bibles for 230 years prior to 1611.

    3.   They came to the work “… LEARNED, NOT TO LEARN:” (The Translators to the Reader a.k.a The Dedicatory)

This was not arrogance on their part!

They were just humbly stating the obvious … THEY KNEW IT ALL!

The Translators corrected “the TR Greek” in a thousand places to produce the infallible, inerrant, inspired and perfect English King James Bible.

There are over 35 Greek TR’s and they all disagree with each other.

What should you do?

Those who say “The Greek says …” may just be innocently ignorant, but with the other Ethiopian Leopards (look it up), simply pat them on the head, treat them as having lesser faith, walk away and pray, that God will open their eyes!

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Harley Hitchcock  

Wednesday 4th August 2021


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