Take off the ‘Calvinism’ label and stick on
‘The Doctrines of Grace’ label. 

In Queensland, Australia, there is an educational grading system for students leaving High School to determine the best down to the worst … with the former entering universities and colleges of Advanced Education and so on.

For many years ago the bottle was labelled … A+, A, B, C, P, Fail and so on.

Then the label became … High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Pass etc

Then a new label changed to a points system … 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Then this label was quietly removed and it became something else … before it morphed into what is currently the label called ATAR scores, where 100 points is the highest and so on. Also incorporated into this, students, indeed any adult, can apply to have Recognition for Past Experience and Prior Learning added to the mix.

The reason for all these changes over time is that there are inherent flaws in any educational grading system, and when, inevitably, the voting public become aware of them, politicians get very nervous and change the label and the rules … to introduce another ‘more acceptable’, although equally unfair, grading system.

Fix the problem? … no worries … “Let’s just change the label!”

Now this applies to theology … and the current case in point is the bottle labelled “The Doctrines of Grace” …. formerly labelled Calvinism … and before that it had the Roman Catholicism label on it … preceded by the original label … Augustinianism.

As Christians become aware of each new change, it necessitates, that the forces of evil put on a different face … whereby the knowledge about the poisonous contents of the bottle, are kept hidden and secret.

As the saying goes “A rose by any other name smells the same.”

Similarly “A Stinking Roger, an odious smelling herb, by any other name, smells the same.”

To wit: Augustinianism grace … Phew! That smells!
           Roman Catholic grace … Phew! That smells too!
           Calvinism grace … Phew! That’s on the nose as well! Aaaargh!

           The Doctrines of Grace …. Gag! Phew! That smells awful!

Now, The Doctrines of Grace people treat the rest of us as theological idiots … for after talking to their latest ‘bottled’ prostitute …. yes Dear Reader … she’s called The Doctrines of Grace … for a couple of minutes … you will find she uses the same language as her predecessors that emerge from the same Augustinian brothel … in particular … Total Depravity.  

Now of course Dear Reader, you’ll be ‘hip to this kind of lip’ … and what this stands for … that an unbeliever must be regenerated and born again before he can get saved.

That’s right Dear Reader, it’s entirely up to The Doctrines of Grace pagan capricious ‘God’ to select a man before the foundations of the world, to be saved 6,000 years later … WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT!

So Dear Reader, eat drink and be merry and quietly await your fate … selected for heaven or cast into hell … it’s not your decision!


Harley Hitchcock

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