comes from the movie “Dirty Harry”, where a man of African extraction, having just failed to rob a bank, is lying immobilised on the ground with a couple of bullets in him.

Pointing his gun at the bank robber, Harry approaches him … but he doesn’t shoot him.

As Harry walks away, our African fellow, before his arrest, asks Harry the above question, as to how many bullets Harry has fired “Five or six? … I’se just gottsa know!

Dear Reader, how does this apply to our topic at hand … Calvinism.

The scripture says of Jesus …

“Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,”
(1 Peter 1:20). 

Now this word is only used once in the Bible … as something that is predetermined … and never used for future Christians.

However, God has foreknowledge of those that will be saved … and as the saying goes “These two terms are chalk and cheese in meaning.”

And so, here are the questions …

Do Calvinists really think they were foreordained as well?

Do Calvinists place themselves in the same category as Christ … as having been foreordained?

Are they Deity? Are they some sort of fourth member of the Godhead?

I mean … in the beginning, does God look down through history and say …

“Ah! There’s Bob and Mary … both dead in trespasses and sins … but I’m only going to save Bob! I know they haven’t been born yet … and both will deserve the flames of hell … but I’m only choosing Bob to get saved … not Mary his wife!”

Is this another example of God throwing rice at a wedding … randomly hitting someone?

Dear Reader, please write in and give me the answer.

“I’se just got’tsa know!”

Harley Hitchcock
May 2024

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A Calvinist is a person who believes that God only selects some people to get saved and sends
the rest to the fires of hell.


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