A certain lady told of her upbringing.


“It’s a sad story she said. I was brought up by a father who was given to drinking. I used to sit by his side while he drank his spirits, and he would open my little mouth, and taking the half-melted piece of sugar from the spirits, would put it in my mouth. I loved it so much, that sometimes I would touch his arm and he would give me just a little spoonful of the cursed liquor.


Before I was of age I was a hopeless drunkard; lived upon the streets in shame. I do not suppose there could have been a more wretched creature on God’s earth. I had the delirium tremens, but my life was spared, and I continued in abject misery until a dear sister in Christ pointed me to the Saviour. I came to him and he delivered me. Hallelujah, what a Saviour.”


Prompt obedience


She added: “It is like a terrible nightmare from which I have awakened. I can hardly believe I am the same person.”


So I said to her “I am often speaking to young people, many of them want to know the way of deliverance. You must have had many evil habits and very strong passions. You must have had a terribly corrupt mind after that life of shame. Tell me, if you would, how you were delivered from it all after you were reconciled to God. Tell me your secret. How do you continue in this happy liberty and joy?”


Her reply was “I can tell you in a word – prompt obedience.” I shall never forget how she said the words “prompt obedience!” She added “God gave me the light and I walked in it and I was free.”


Dear Reader, do you want to be free from the power of sin?


Then obey from the heart, and as you walk in the obedience of faith, you will be made free, a happy man, God’s freed man, made free from the power of sin! What a glorious liberty!


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