(John 20: 19-22,23-26,27-29)

Now, we all give Thomas a bit of a hard time for not believing it was Jesus when he walked through the wall (John 20:26-28), but we would have been the same.

What do you mean?
Jesus would have been unrecognizable.

Have you ever seen a man with a beard after he shaved it off, not to mention a moustache and long hair … completely two different people.

What are you getting at?
After the cross, Jesus having fulfilled the law, would have gone back to heaven and said to God the Father “The job’s done!” to which the Father would have said “Well done my Son, now you can go to the Hairdresser … and get all that hair off and get cleaned up (1 Corinthians 11:14) because you are no longer under the curse of the law, that is, to be shamed with long hair (Leviticus 19:27). Now go back down and show the disciples.”

Eight days before Thomas was there, Jesus ‘pops’ through wall … all the doors were shut (John 20:19). Christ didn’t need to come through any doors … why? … he was, and is, the door (John 10:7-9), where the fearful disciples were gathered, and says “Hello Boys!” … and this was the actual day, Sunday, that Jesus rose from the grave (John 20:19;20:26). I mean Christ had been crucified, put into the tomb, apparently risen up … but no-one knew where he was! So this bloke pops into the room and says “I am Jesus!”

He didn’t look anything like the old Jesus they knew!

Like Thomas, they were full of unbelief (Mark 16:14), so Jesus showed them his hands and side (John 20:20) and they also had to touch him … like Thomas did. (Luke 24:39-40). Why? They were gobsmacked as he didn’t look the same, having had a haircut and a shave!

Now about 12 hours earlier, on the morning of the resurrection, Mary was not allowed to touch Jesus, as he had not yet ascended to his Father … which would complete his mission (John 20:17). Why? The desert tabernacle, being a type/shadow of Christ, could also not be touched … it had to be packed up and not touched till its journey was completed (Numbers 4:15) … but that same night the disciples were given that privilege … why? … because during that day, in the space of about twelve hours, Jesus had zipped up to heaven, a few billion? trillion? miles away, reported to God the Father, had a haircut and travelled back down to earth like a teleport episode from Star Trek on TV.

Another example is on the road to Emmaeus, Jesus was also unrecognizable … why? … he had no beard and long hair (Luke 24:13-16,17-20,21-24,25-28,29-31). This was after the cross and Christ had fulfilled the law (Matthew 5:17).

 And your point is?

1.   All the disciples were like a doubting Thomas. They were all in unbelief. They all had to touch Jesus.

2.   Jesus was unrecognizable, he had short hair, as he had fulfilled the law, and defeated its curse (Galatians 3:10,13)

3.   In fact, physical long hair on a man is a sign of rebellion (1 Corinthians 11:14). The Old Testament Jews were rebellious and God put them to shame … that they not mar their corners (Leviticus 19:27)

4.   Christ was put to shame with ‘long hair’ … why? … he was a Jew, come for the Jew and be under the curse of the law as a Jew … until he fulfilled the law.

5.   Christ was then free from the curse of the law, such that the condemnation, and unsustainable requirements thereof, need not trouble anyone today.


Dear Reader, if you are still trying to work your way to heaven under “long hair efforts”, you are wasting your time and efforts. Why? It’s all been done!


Dear Reader, if you are still trying to atone for past sins under “long hair efforts”, that is fulfilling the law, you are wasting your time … it has already been done!

Dear Reader
“The Day of the Long Hair” has finished …
Don’t be a long hair!

It need not be yours!
You can let it go!
It has been completed!

 Become a ‘SHORT HAIR’ … spiritually speaking

(another name for a Christian)

Become a Christian …
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as having fulfilled the law …
Become a ‘short hair’ …
that includes women spiritually speaking of course (1 Peter 3:4)

For women are to have physical long hair on the outside …
but on the inside they are to be spiritual short hairs!

Harley Hitchcock

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