As a young Christian, I attended Christian camps in the sixties, and there was a Minister, a Dr Lew Born, who headed up the Methodist Youth Fellowship in Queensland, Australia, who had gone to a Bible College in the USA and picked up a PhD in Theology.

We were absolutely delighted, riveted, with his explanations about Christ’s miracles, indeed all the miracles in the Bible, as he was able to explain them in human terms and understanding … they weren’t miracles at all … but natural happenings in everyday life.

He explained it as de-mythologizing the Bible, and this was based on Rudolf Bultmann’s works in the 1940 - 1950’s, which according to him, the Bible had myths, not miracles, that needed to have the mystery taken out of them.

All this was to engage the general man back into religion by taking the miraculous out of the Bible.

Little did Bultmann realize, that so doing, he brought Christianity down to the level of any other religion of good works, as no other religions have miracles.

And his reason? To engage the culture and make the Bible more relevant, by taking the supernatural out.

According to Bultmann, the Bible writers tried to explain what they experienced using the limited language and concepts available to them at the time, which was inextricably linked to the supernatural and miraculous, which Bultmann saw as myth.

Of course he should have been honest and said the word “de-miracle-izing” … that is … let’s explain away Christ’s miracles … as they were not miracles according to him … and call them myths.

Now of course, everyone just nodded and agreed, and said “How wonderful to have such a brilliant scholar as Dr Born in our midst!”

And since that time, the church has lost power at increasing speed. This loss started in the early 1900’s with Bible Training Colleges questioning the virgin birth with Peake’s Commentary, and has gathered momentum ever since.

Indeed before that in the 1850’s, Madame Balvatsky and Darwin’s theory of evolution began the rot.  

The Christian church has sought to bring God’s words, the King James Bible, down to our level of understanding, instead of being dragged up to God’s point of view.

Dear Reader, there are no myths in the Bible. Here are some of what has come out of this Satanic movement as follows:

1. A camel through the eye of a needle. The Bible is correct in its literal wording. What the Jew described was the impossibility of this event. The largest animal they knew was the camel and the smallest hole would be an eye of an actual needle. This was not a camel attempting to get through a little doorway.

2. Hell is only the rubbish dump outside of Jerusalem called Gehenna.

3. Healing the sick is simply positive thinking  

4. 153 fish were caught due to the changing of the tide

5. Five loaves and two fishes did not feed the 5,000, but a small boy’s generosity helped the crowd to also share their lunches.

6. The sun and moon stood still due to the Theories of the Relativity of Movement and the Refraction of Light Rays.

7. Jesus didn’t die … he only swooned in a temporary coma …before waking up.

8. God didn’t halt the waters for the priests to cross the Jordan, but upstream an earthquake occurred which cause the water to dam up there, and thus enabled the priests to cross.

9. The Old Testament Plagues on Egypt were not miracles but can be explained as the result of ongoing biological and environmental changes. Google it up and have a read. To start with the waters turning to blood were the result of an excess of certain weeds and red algae.

10. Israel crossed the Reed Sea not the Red Sea – a mistranslation by the 1611 Translators.  

11. There was not six days in creation but these ‘days’ in the Bible only are a symbol and great periods of time.

12. The Gap Theory helps us meld evolution and the six day creation

13. The Old Testament tabernacle in the desert was not covered with badger skins but porpoise and whale skins … thereby overlooking the fact, that as God looked down from heaven he would see the natural enemy of the serpent/the snake, being the badger! Ah yes Dear Reader, Satan was excluded from the Tabernacle by the actual animal called the badger.

14. Jesus just a good man doing good things … to be the best example for us to follow … thereby elevating the 2nd Commandment over the first … that is … Love thy neighbour as thyself, instead of the Love the Lord Thy God first.  

15. There were no greyhounds when mentioned in the Bible, but have since been proved wrong.

16. Conies not in Bible but rabbits. There are actual animals called conies.

17. Jesus started the Christian church

18. Just do good and you’ll get to heaven … God weighs us on our good vs our bad.

19. God loves the sinner but not the sin

20. Evolution and not creation.

Dear Reader, need we go on?

If you explain miraculous away, there is no Christianity and Christ was a liar and a fraud. Christianity is based on miracles … and no other religion is.


Harley Hitchcock

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