YES … in the minds of reporters, commentators and onlookers whose income depends on promoting uncertainty, speculation and ungodly discussion

“What will Israel do now?”

“Who will they be forming an alliance with?”

“How can they move forward with world-wide condemnation?”

You know … Who? What? Where? When? How? 

NO … in the mind of Israel (minority dissenters and general voters not included) … never has been and never will.

Despite various ‘ups and downs’ in Israel’s history there has never been any doubt in their mind that they will prevail … starting back with God’s promises to Abraham (Genesis 12).

However, having said this, Israel does have a ‘dilemma’ … it’s the deception they have been placed under by God himself … and being a deception, they don’t know they are being deceived.  

And being a disobedient deceived nation, only God can remove this deception.

But they are absolutely assured, that should they do this or do that … make this decision or that … stumbling and bumbling along … God will still use it for his purposes and rescue them.

For example, is it possible that their time of forty years in the desert could have been shortened to a few days and weeks, should Israel have made the ‘right’ decisions? No problem … God will rescue them.

When Israel persecuted all their prophets (Matthew 5:12) … Israel in its own mind were still right … they had no dilemma … when they were wrong they were right, and when they were right they were right. No problem … God sent Jesus to rescue them.

And God being a longsuffering God, seems to be in no hurry whatsoever.

 Having had their history firmly sheeted in Jacob’s deception, God seems content to wait until Israel is under absolute terror … a couple of times (the Russian/Ukraine invasion and Armageddon … before rescuing them.

The only dilemma seems to exist in the minds of the media commentators trying to work it all out with all the many different moving parts … NATO, the EU, Russia, Ukraine, China, USA, France, Germany … as mentioned.  

If only the world could see God’s dilemma-less end game … but then … they’d have to get saved!

True Christians don’t lose a wink of sleep over the world’s dilemma of inuendo, discussion and uncertainty, and can see the deception that God has put Israel under … to perform his will, his way and in his time.

Dear Reader, it’s the world’s dilemma over Israel’s deception.

 Harley Hitchcock
December 2023

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