My Dad


My Dad was a great guy,                 

I know that because I grew up with him and looked after him for 9 months before he went to be with the Lord.

But being a great guy doesn't get you to heaven- trusting the Lord Jesus Christ by believing in him and his sacrifice for you on the cross does get you to heaven. This is a letter that a friend sent my Dad not long after he asked Jesus to be his Saviour, (About 8 weeks before he passed away and went to be with Jesus,) and we thought it might be of interest to you. Dear Jim, here is your Christmas card and message this year.


This is the Gift of GodFriends -The FIRST CHRISTMAS GIFT- The arrival of God’ ”Manifest in the Flesh!”- In the Person Of His Only Son -THE MAGNIFICENTLY BEAUTIFUL LORD JESUS CHRIST! Given to us- Born to die- (on the cross) for the sins of the world!- He came at that First Christmas, Given of God the Father to us, to grow of age, and then to die for you and me on the cross! So that we need never be separated from each other by death! YOU (WE) HAVE BEEN MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD with free choice! - You, We, MUST PERSONALLY RECEIVE HIM NOW, - OR WE ACTUALLY REJECT HIM NOW (by NOT receiving Him) - (how beautiful is the true meaning of Christmas)


The Lord has spoken in the Holy Bible - this invitation for you- The Gift of God awaits you: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)”- “For God so loved the world that he gave (The first ever Christmas Gift) His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever believeth in Him, Should not perish, BUTHave EVERLASTING LIFE! (JOHN 3:16)




So: YOU CAN RECEIVE THE GIFT OF GOD NOW!- DO IT! IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH GOING TO CHURCH- It is a PERSONAL DECISIONto believe in childlike faith! Believe what?- Believe that the LORD JESUS DIED FOR MY SINS- Believe that everything HEand HIS WORDS (THE BIBLE), say about: * Me, * The Bible itself, * About GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, * About HIMSELF( The Lord Jesus ) and About ETERNITY and HEAVEN, (and how to get there) is true *** So heres your prayer to receive all of this Forgiveness - Eternal life - purpose and direction in your life, etc., (and more) RIGHT NOW!  

HERE IS YOUR PRAYER TO RECEIVE ALL OF THIS: Lord Jesus, from this moment on... I choose to believe that you died for me! For all of my sins! Because you LOVE ME! As you said in Your Holy Word, The Bible; Lord please come into my life - my heart - my all, and bring your beautiful cleansing presence, And Your Eternal lifewith you, AND I THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU FOR IT LORD JESUS (Amen)(Then you can simply continue to thank Him in your own words.)



I never knew for sure whether my Dad was saved or not.

I want to believe he got saved, this is because a trusted  independent Baptist minister, an evangelist with a reputation of leading people to Christ, said that he led him to Christ.

Furthermore, the Ministers daughter said that she’d led my Dad to Christ a week or two previous to that.

Was my father just playing the “I Agree” game to get them off his back?

Did he just pretend to be saved by saying a prayer?

The Bible says you can ‘’know a tree by its fruit’’ but never saw any ‘salvation fruit’ in my father, as he never talked about it, never mentioned the Bible and we never discussed his being born again.

After the minister said he led him to Christ I didn't dare ask him about his salvation.

My fear was that he would say, as many unbelievers do and he also said one other time before that , ‘’when you’re dead your like a dog’’ and so on.

And here’s the real question “CAN A PERSON BE SAVED BUT NOT SHOW ANY EVIDENCE?”

I’d like to think he went to heaven …. but what if he didn’t?

All I can say is “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?’’

The answer to that is, of course, he shall.





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