O David! 

1.  David Cloud believes

2.  “All scripture “was”, not “is”, given by inspiration of God…”.

3.  In the King James Bible, the word “scripture” means the “originals’.

4.  Only the “originals” were given by inspiration of God.

5.  The King James Bible English text is inferior to the Greek text.

6.  The King James Bible is not given by inspiration of God.

7.  The King James only contains the words of God.

8. The King James Bible is a wonderful translation, but only a translation.

9.  It is unthinkable that the King James English corrected the TR Greek.

10.  The reference to all scripture being given by inspiration of God refers only to the “original” writing down of the Word of God.

11.  The English of the King James Bible is not a better  vehicle for God’s revelation.

12.  The King James Bible could be translated more clearly in places.

13.  The King James Bible is the Word of God not the word of God.

14. He can’t hold up a King James Bible and say “This is the holy scriptures!”

15.  There are words in the King James Bible that could be brought up to date.

16.  He can’t hold up the King James Bible and say “This is the words of God!”

17. The King James Bible is not inspired or infallible but  the TR is.

18.  The King James Bible doesn’t contain any real mistakes.

19. The King James Bible isn’t the words of God.

20.  The TR doesn’t have any errors.

21. The TR is to be preferred to the King James Bible.

22.  The King James Bible is “inspired” (whatever he means by that) as far as the English goes but not given by inspiration as the “originals” were.

23.  The Nepal Bible is based on the TR and not on the King James Bible.

24.  The King James Bible is only the best Bible we have today.

25. Only what men wrote in the “originals” was perfect and infallible and inspired.

26.  The word “Word” refers to the scriptures and not to Jesus Christ.

27.  All men are saved the same way no matter which dispensation.

28. In the OT, men were saved by looking forward to the cross.

29. All saints in the OT were born again.

30.  A divorced man can’t be a pastor.

31.  Paul writes to men who have professed faith in Jesus in the Book of Hebrews.

32.   All men are saved the same way in different ages.

33.   Men were saved by faith alone in the OT.

34. All saints in the OT had their sins washed away.

35. Men were not saved by faith and works in the OT.

36.  Men are not saved by works alone in the Millenium.

37. All saints in the OT were redeemed.

38. All saints in the OT became members of Christ’s body.

39.  All saints in the OT were spiritually circumcised.

40. All saints in the OT had their sins taken away.

41. Twice married men aren’t qualified to be pastors.


    SO WHAT?

1. David Cloud is what is called a “TR man” and TR men choose their words carefully.

2. David Cloud uses an Antiochian manuscript but has an Alexandrian mentality.

     (God lets you read the King James Bible, but holds back on the understanding and knowledge)

3. David Cloud holds his Independent Baptist doctrine above that of the King James Bible.


Q: Is David Cloud saved? 

A: I believe that he is.

Q:  Will I see David Cloud in heaven?

A:  I believe that I will.

Q:  Can I call David Cloud my brother?

A:  I believe that I can.

Q:  Is David Cloud a soul winner?

A:  I believe that he is.

Q:  Is David Cloud a member of Christ’s body?

A:  I believe that he is.

Q: Is David Cloud a missionary, church planter and a zealous worker for God?

A:  I believe that he is.


(only given by inspiration in the Greek according to David Cloud)

“A man that is an heretick, after the first and second admonition reject;” (Titus 3:10)


WHAT IS THE TR? In the NT holy men of God spake what God gave them.

Others wrote down what they said.

These “original” letters and books of the NT were in Greek

They were copied and copied and copied and copied many times over.

They were distributed and read by all the churches in the 1st Century.

They were translated into other languages eg Latin, Italian, Gothic, Spanish, French, German, Dutch etc over the centuries.

All of the originals were eventually lost, worn out, destroyed, ripped up and burned.  

Many verses were taken from the copies and read churches as lectionaries.

Bible notes were made along the way from all sorts of sources.

There were NT Bibles that existed all the way through eg The Itala from AD147.

There were fraudulent copies of everything that came into existence – this included whole books, notes, uncials, lectionaries etc etc.

The first big attempt to get the NT into English came with Wycliffe about 130 years before the 1611 King James Bible.

So when the King James translators came to produce God’s words, they had literally tens of thousands of books, pieces of paper, uncials, notes, Bible jottings, copied verses, lectionaries from all nations and countries of the earth and in all languages and they sifted out the proper and true ones.

The TR was the attempt to get the 27 books of the NT in a final Greek from produced by Erasmus and indeed the Elzevir brothers.

The TR was produced after the Wycliffe Bible and the Tyndal Bible.

The final TR was a compilation of the correct documents and all others rejected.

This TR was then the final Greek compilation of all NT books, all other documents, from all the languages of the world.

The TR was the best Greek text that Erasmus and the Elzevir brothers could come up with, of the 27 books of the NT.

The King James Translators then used the TR only as a basis for the King James Bible along with the Bishops Bible and all their other sources of material which were vast and numerous.

The 1611 English of the King James Bible corrected the Greek TR in over 100 places – and it is this what sticks in the neck of the “TRIB men” (TR only + Independent Baptist believers).

Harley Hitchcock



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