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Winner winner … Chicken dinner!

There’s lot of deceptive humbug and superstitious reverence about “the originals” … you know the “originals this” and the “originals that” … until you realise that it just a cover up for rejecting what God has given you in the English of any ol’ King James Bible of today.

Now this rejection, has come, I suspect, by not being able to understand ‘the English as it is written’ … that is … not being able to handle the written words we have in English today in the King James Bible.

Q: How does this occur?

A: Synapses … but let me continue …

Now it is well known that things that are different are NOT the same.

Let me give you an example … cows and horses … they are different and therefore they are not the same.

Or how about cats and dogs?

Look … there are a lot of similarities … both domestic animals … both have tails … both have four legs … both have hair … both have two eyes … both have two ears … both have a mouth … both eat meat … both have teeth … and the list goes on and on … BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT and therefore THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

Although no-one knows where thoughts ‘come’ from … and indeed, if brain cells are involved … and indeed, if the synapses between the brain nerves are sufficient … then the ability to reason would lead people to agree that cats and dogs being different … indeed horses and cows … as outlined above.

Now I think everyone would agree with the above … I’m pretty sure.

Now let’s try this one … the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God.

Is heaven the same as God?

Look … both are kingdoms … both have saints in them … with entry into the former by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and the later a continuous belief … both guarantee eternal security … both guarantee a future life in heaven … both are secured by the perfect works of Christ and shed blood … and so on … BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT and therefore THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

How can they be? Simple … two different nouns and therefore two different things.

Why? God is God and he created heaven and the heavens.

How can they be similar? They can’t … it’s an impossibility.

I suspect it’s a deficiency in their spiritual synapses. What think ye?

Now without getting sidetracked … are ‘ye’ and ‘thee’ the same?

So Dear Reader, please write in and tell me why Christians say ‘the kingdom of God’ is the same as a the ‘kingdom of heaven’.

The prize for the correct answer … “Winner winner … chicken dinner!

Dear Reader, I thought it a bit cruel to label the “originals” believers as having a lack of brain cells … let’s be kinder … and put it down to the Deficient Spiritual Synaptic Operation Syndrome (DSSOS) aka Lack of Faith Syndrome (LFS).

Of course, as always … please help me to further any ‘scientific’ research on this matter if you can … indeed any other.

Gratefully yours …

Harley Hitchcock
May 2023


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