Q: “Well, who is Jesus talking to then?”

A: “Israel (the Jews) – pork abstaining, temple attending, Saturday worshipping and animal sacrificing Jews … trying to keep, but with absolute failure, the Ten Commandments, while ONLY COVERING their past sins (remission) with animal blood sacrifices.”

Q: “Is he telling them how to become Christians? Is he preaching the gospel to them?”

A: “How can he? He hasn’t died and gone to the cross yet!”

Q: “Well he seems to preaching about a kingdom of some sort?”

A: “Yes, it’s called the kingdom of heaven. He’s got them on a mountain somewhere, and he’s giving them the Sermon on the Mount, as it is popularly called, and yes, he is preaching the gospel to them … it’s called the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN GOSPEL.”

Q: “What’s that about?”

A: “It no longer exists! Today we only have the KINGDOM OF GOD GOSPEL.”

Q: “What’s the difference?”

A: “Jesus says to them ‘Look men and women of Israel, I have come to set up a kingdom here on earth … we will call it the kingdom of heaven.

(You can almost hear Jesus saying “Look dear Jews, here is your big chance before I go to the cross, because after that, the kingdom of heaven will not be available to you anymore … we will have the kingdom of God … the Apostle Paul will tell you all about that kingdom.)

Q: “Well, what will this kingdom of heaven be like Jesus?” they say

A: “Good question, it will be one of pure works from start to finish.”

Q: “Like what?”

A: “Like the following –

1. You must be pure in heart to see God  (Matt 5:8)

2. Your righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees
(Matt 5:20).

3. Saying “Thou fool” with no good cause will mean hell fire
(Matt 5:22)

4. Lusting after women is adultery and equal to the act
(Matt 5:27-28)

5. Pluck your eye out if necessary if it causes you to sin
(Matt 5:30)

6. There will be no oaths using heaven’s name (Matt 5:33)

7. Limit your agreements to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Matt 5:37)

8. Don’t pay back evil for evil (Matt 5:38-41,42-44) but go the extra mile (Matt 5:41)

9. You have to be perfect like God (Matt 5:48)   

10. Give alms in secret (Matt 6:1-4)

11. Pray in secret (Matt 6:5-8)   

12. Forgive others or God won’t forgive you (Matt 6:14

13. Fast in secret (Matt 6:16-18)   14. No hoarding up money or goods (Matt 6:19-21,24)

15. No worrying about food and drink (Matt 6:25-28,29-32,33)

16. Take no thought about tomorrow (Matt 6:34

17. No hypocrisy (Matt 7:1-5) 18. Beware of false prophets (Matt 7:15-18,19-22,23)

Q: “But they are impossible rules to keep Jesus!” they said

A: “I know, they are just like the Ten Commandments which you couldn’t keep either … but they go even further into the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Q: “How can we ever keep these rules here on earth?

A: “I’ll do it for you on our behalf … but theirs is also one other thing. You’ll need animal blood to cover your past sins … it’s called remission for past sins (Rom 3:25)”

Q: Can we then go to heaven when we die?”

A: “No, you’ll go to a place under the earth called Abraham’s Bosom (Luke 16:22) and I’ll come and take you to heaven after the cross (Ephesians 4:8)

Q: “Can’t we just become Christians and go straight into the kingdom of God?”

A: “No, you’ll have to wait till I die for that. Till I die, you must believe on me (John 3:16) that I will keep the Sermon on the Mount rules (Matt 5-7) and you must keep going to the temple cover your past sins with animal blood.”

Q: “So we are not Christians then?”

A: “Of course not!”

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Harley Hitchcock


Heresies are the result
of not recognizing, at
least, the twelve dispensations


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