Charles Darwin (1809 -1882) called his book "The Origin of Species", published in 1859, "my accursed book" as he thought of himself as the devil's spokesman.

In the year before its publication, he was barely able to write for more than 20 minutes at a time due to stomach pains.

He finished the proof in between fits of vomiting.

Ten days before the proofs were bound, he wrote to his friend Mr. Hooker …

"I've been very bad lately, one leg has swelled like elephantiasis, eyes almost closed up and covered with a rash and fiery boils.”

“It's like living in hell. I don't suppose there are few human beings have vomited so much during the last five months."

Symptoms of his illness included vomiting, headache, giddiness, twitching muscles, spinning head and spots before the eyes.

He lived in self-doubt fearing that he'd devoted his life to a fantasy.

Darwin knew that his theory would help destroy the faith of countless millions of people, in God as the Creator.

But Darwin had help …

He just didn’t hop on a boat and sail the Galapagos Islands saying “There’s some birds over there with different shaped beaks. Mmmm! I suspect we are all just dots upon dots, formed from the molten ashes of volcanoes, to become apes … then modern man (The Aldi Ad on TV)” 

No! Darwin had a lot of help … with the “…oppositions of science FALSELY so called:” (1 Timothy 6:20) … which had already raised their satanic heads … 

1. Hutton 1795 - Uniformitarianism

2. Chalmers 1814 - Gap Theory

3. Lyell 1830 - Father of modern geology

4. Darwin 1859 – “The Origin of Species”


His lie was the concept called ‘uniformitarianism’ … the layers of the earth sediments were laid down over millions and millions of years … at an EVEN rate.

He imagined that since the earth came into being, everything had been uniform in its development, such that things like the earth’s sediments being laid down, the climate and decay, occurred at an even rate as observed today.

He adjusted God’s time-table from six days to millions and millions of years … to accommodate his new theory … that is … the deposit of sediment layers was uniform …. uniformitarianism … requiring millions of years.

As such, Hutton’s godless beliefs laid the foundation for evolution; the false science of present day geology; the rise of satanic philosophies of humanism and Nazism with its pure racist theory; and communism

Because he refused to believe the account of a literal six days of creation as written in the Authorized Bible, the King James Bible, his false belief has been the cause of countless millions of deaths of unsaved people going to hell in the last 225 years.

Thomas Chalmers, knew that Christian beliefs based on the Bible of a six day old creation, were under attack.

So jumping on the band-wagon, he changed his belief, and also adjusted God’s time table of a six day creation to accommodate Hutton’s godless theory.

The originator of this Gap Theory in 1814, Thomas Chalmers, a university science lecturer and the then Scottish Presbyterian Moderator (and who better than a saved man to be satan’s dupe), was a Freemason and a religious Gnostic who was well versed with the Freemasonry beliefs of Hindu Cosmic cycles.

And this is how the problem for Thomas Chalmers began, and indeed for many other Christians at the time.

They looked for a way to bring two opposite sides together – the six day old creation with the seemingly undeniable ‘truth’ … no folks … it was a massive satanic lie … of uniformitarian geology.

He did this with the Gap Theory … a flood between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.

The originator of this Gap Theory in 1814, Thomas Chalmers, a university science lecturer, and the then, Scottish Presbyterian Moderator (and who better than a saved man to be Satan’s dupe), was a Freemason and a religious Gnostic who was well versed with the Freemasonry beliefs of Hindu Cosmic cycles.

In fact all religions, other than Christianity, promote the multiple ‘ruin-reconstruction cycles’ of the earth – as evidenced by the Mayan fiasco in December 2012. 

Through Moses writing the first five books of the Bible, God counteracts this pagan belief of cycles, by writing the straight forward linear account of time … a linear account of creation.  

Thomas Chalmers, while struggling to marry the newly ‘accepted’ and overwhelming tsunami of the ‘truths’ … no! lies … of evolution in the mid 1800’s, with a literal six day creation … ‘an angel of light’ (2Cor 11:14), appeared and gave him a hand.

Satan whispered in his ear “Quite simple Thomas old boy, just slip the second verse down a little and put a flood between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 … if you wouldn’t mind. Look, I don’t mind the bad publicity, as long as I can get people to doubt God’s infallible, inerrant, inspired scriptures of a six day creation.


Hot on his heels, the man credited with being ‘the father’ of the false science of modern geology, Charles Lyell, incorporated much of Hutton’s work into his own, such that the principle of uniformitarianism was the impetus that was provided for modern geological studies.

Now contrary to the known and proven fact that layers of sediment are deposited by MOVING water, geologists, indeed the general public today, assume that these layers have been slowly deposited over millions of years at the same rate … like a glass of standing muddy water.

Using this slow rate of deposit and the principle of uniformitarianism, geologists called into question the age of the earth.  

You see, for hundreds of years, people worked off the Bible premise of a 6,000 year old earth, but now, they were able to expand that time frame with the help of a slow rate of sedimentary deposition of millions and millions of years.


Now a man called Charles Darwin appears on the scene 45 years after Chalmers Gap Theory, and he publishes a book in 1859 called “Origin of Species” … using Hutton, Chalmers and Lyell.

And the rest is history.

God haters have since expanded the above lies … you know … out of a speck of dust which exploded … massive swirls of material in the heavens … slowly formed into molten volcano lava balls … which cooled … and became a protein soup … struck by lightning … to form microbes … which became cells … which became fish … which crawled out of the water … and became wombats … which grew wings … and became birds … … which became apes … which became black men in Africa … and these turned into white men … and here we are today.

Yes! Shock! Horror! Gasp! Wheeze! Dear Reader … the theory of evolution is the biggest perpetrator of racism ever known … get hold of an evolutionary chart.


1. Apes 2. Black man 3. White men

Kiddies aren’t the only ones with Fairy Tales … adults have Evolution.

And the band plays on …

“… oppositions of SCIENCE FALSELY so called:” (1 Timothy 6:20) 

Dear Reader … it’s called FALSE SCIENCE!


Harley Hitchcock
June 2023


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