Dear Reader you judge for yourself!

 1. Born in 1446, his only reason for joining the Roman Catholics as an Augustinian, was that they had the best libraries. As it turns out, Rome may have had his body but they never captured his mind and heart.

2. He refused to keep any Catholic vigils

3. Ate meat on Fridays

4. Although ordained he never performed as a Catholic priest

5. Constantly opposed the excesses of the Catholic church  

6. Wrote an article calling the Catholic church “Barbarians” …berating the Papacy and the priests and the monks for their over indulgences

7. Criticized Pope Julius comparing him to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar

8. He called the Pope “the pest of Christendom 

9. He advised the church to “get rid of the Roman See

10. He wrote a scalding satire depicting Pope Julius going to hell

11. He refused to use Jerome’s Latin translation in his works as Jerome had solely based his work on the corrupt Alexandrian manuscript called Vaticanus

12. Jerome had incorrectly translated Matthew 4:17 as ”Do penance, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, whereas Erasmus had the correct translation of “Be penitent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

13. Erasmus vehemently defended Mark 16:9-12,13-16,17-20 and John 8:1-4,5-8,9-12

14. He was an untiring supporter of getting the Bible into the hands of the common man … that is … “the farmer, the traveller, the tailor and the Turk, the masons, prostitutes and pimps”

15. God used Erasmus’ Greek Text (TR) as the basis for the King James Bible

16. His cry was “salvation was entirely by grace alone, faith alone and not of works”

17. Erasmus said he was the only Anabaptist of the 16th century … that is … babies were not to be sprinkled with water. 

18. Erasmus’ writings were the basis on which Luther stake his claim … “Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched.” 

19. Twenty three years after Erasmus’ death in 1536,  Pope Paul IV in 1559 put Erasmus’ writings on the list of Forbidden Books for Roman Catholics … they were banned from reading them!

If you think that Erasmus was a Roman Catholic … what’s the saying? … “I’m a monkey’s uncle.”

Mmmm! Yes … you probably believe in evolution, and that we descended from apes as well!

Harley Hitchcock
November 2023



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