Dinosaurs and the Bible


“And God made the beast of the earth (dinosaur, elephant, hippo etc) after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good... And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:... And the evening and the morning were the sixth day."

 (Genesis 1:25, 26, 31)


For many, dinosaurs are a mystery. Where did they come from? When did they live? What happened to them? If the TV, movies and the newspapers are to be believed, then this all took place millions and millions of years ago.

However there are two different and completely opposite stories - one according to evolution and one according to the Bible.


Evolutionists believe:

1.   Dinosaurs evolved about 250 million years ago - way before man evolved.

2.   Around 65 million years ago, they all disappeared. It is thought that a large asteroid collided into the earth and killed them all.

3.   Their fossil history is found in layers in the earth and these layers were deposited over many millions of years.

4.   Some of the dinosaurs grew wings and flew off into the air. These bird dinosaurs are not extinct but still exist today.

5.   Man has never lived on earth at the same time as the dinosaur.


The Bible states:

1.   God created dinosaurs about 6000 years ago.

2.   They were created on day 6 of creation.

3.   Adam and Eve were also made on day six of creation.

4.   Dinosaurs and man lived at the same time on earth and were not separated by millions and millions of years.

5.   As the result of Adam's sin, death came into the world. Therefore dinosaurs could not have lived before man as each of their lives would have stretched on for millions and millions of years.

6.    The various types of dinosaurs were taken on board Noah's ark. Those left outside were drowned and became fossils.

7.    After Noah's flood, the dinosaurs came off the ark and lived for a short time along side man on earth. Due to climate change that happened after the flood, the dinosaurs soon died off due to lack of food and disease.


How did the dinosaurs fit on the ark?

 Current thinking would have us believe that they couldn't have possibly fitted on the ark as they were too big. However there were only a few that grew to extremely large size but even they weren't as big as the blue whale.

Today's sheep would be the average size of the dinosaur. Many were smaller, with one the size of a mouse. One was the size of an ostrich and one the size of a rooster. As reptiles keep growing as long as they live, only the oldest ones would have been the very large ones.

Dinosaur eggs range in size from normal to the largest one found - being the size of a football.

So it must be remembered that when Noah took on board these animals, they would have been quite small. They would have grown during their time in the ark and be ready to repopulate the earth when they came off it.


How many varieties of dinosaur were there?

Although there are 600 or so species of dinosaurs, there were probably less than fifty kinds that were taken on board the ark. Putting it another way, there are many types of dogs in the world, but they are still dogs. Interbreeding of a few basic types has given rise to many varieties.

In the light of their small size, they wouldn't have taken up a lot of room at all. Noah's ark was very large and could easily accommodate the dinosaur along with another 4000 or so species of animals.


Why is it that all the dinosaurs disappeared suddenly off the earth?

Popular belief says that this happened 65 million years ago when a meteorite hit the earth. In actual fact, all the evidence points to most of them being drowned in Noah's flood.


How is a fossil formed?

Evolutionists used to claim that as animals died they were gradually covered by sediment. They've now changed their mind saying that for an animal to become a fossil, it has to be buried very quickly otherwise it gets eaten or decays rapidly. They now believe that it takes a sudden catastrophe for a fossil to be formed, like a flood!


 The bones tell a story

T-Rex bones have been discovered that haven't been completely fossilized. Some sections of the bones contained what appears to be blood cells and hemoglobin. This totally destroys the theory that dinosaurs lived 250 million years ago. Why? In that time, blood cells would have totally disintegrated.

There was also evidence of `fresh' bone. Scientists agree that this would not be the case if it were millions of years old.


Fighting Dinosaurs

A discovery in Mongolia in 1971 found the remains of two fossilized dinosaurs still locked in combat in a fight to the death. This could only have happened if large amounts of silt and sediment had been immediately dumped on them as in a catastrophic flood.


Does the Bible mention any dinosaurs?

It does. Read Job 40:15-24 and see if the description of the `behemoth' doesn't match that of a Brachiosaurus. The name of `dinosaur' meaning `terrible lizard', wasn't invented till 1841 by Richard Owen of the British museum.


Are there any around today?

Quite possibly. After getting off the ark, Noah and all the animals found an earth that had been devastated by the flood. Indeed, food and plants had become more scarce and many species of animals have become extinct either due to man's activities and also competition from other animals. However, there have been sightings in the Congo fitting the description of dinosaurs.

Does it really matter?

If you were Satan, wouldn't you do your best to discredit the Bible? Absolutely. What better way then, than to say that man and dinosaurs didn't live and exist together at the same time and put a couple of hundred million years between them. Then you could point to other things in the Bible and say they were wrong as well.


Death before Adam's sin?

If the dinosaurs died out before Adam, it means death didn't come about as a result of his sin of disobedience which the Bible clearly states (Romans 5:12 and 6:23) Furthermore, the fact that blood had to be shed for the forgiveness of sin and that Adam and Eve wore `coats of skins' shows that they had killed an animal for a blood sacrifice. So, if dinosaurs died with bloodshed before Adam, this would take away from God first demanding that blood be shed for sin. Hence, the blood atonement message of the Bible is destroyed.



The only reason man finds it difficult to believe that God created dinosaurs with man on the 6th literal day, is because of the brainwashing from TV and movies.


“If a lie is repeated long enough, people soon accept it as the truth.”


By Harley Hitchcock



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