I mean … how clever is God … with all foreknowledge since day one?

He knew that in the last days (not of the seven years of tribulation last days) … but the last days (and years of course) … before Christians would be caught up
(1Thessalonians 4:16-18) … that Pauline sound doctrine would be treated with … ‘the flick’ … ‘the elbow’ … ‘the ol’ heave ho’ … ‘the see you later’ … ‘you’re out the door’ … ‘get out of my life’ … and not by unsaved men!

But by saved … mind you … King James Bible using … but not King James Bible believing … blood washed Christians (Revelation 1:5).

Amazing isn’t it?

And where do you suppose this cavalier treatment … this haughty, disdainful and arrogant approach to sound doctrine comes from?

… and you don’t have to be a mental Tarzan, an intellectual genius or a spiritual whiz kid … to figure it out.

If your final and highest authority is your OWN opinion … or the opinion of someone who has written something … a Bible commentator … any Bible version … any church constitution … or whatever … you will duck, weave and dodge … any word or Bible passage … you don’t understand … or disagree with … or resent … or dislike … or feel upset by … or feel aggrieved about … or prefer … or annoyed at … or feel bitter toward … or begrudge.

Yes Dear Reader, the ‘natural’ part of a saved man … that is the flesh … of a Christian (Colossian 2:11) … the part where the devil can walk around in … will not … and can not,  receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolish to him … and neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned.

“But … but … but … but!” goes the chorus from the monkey gallery

Yes Dear Reader, these are the “Christian Deaf Adders” … the willingly ignorant … the “Christian-Atheists”

“Well … I’m a saved man now …. and although the Bible says to study and search the scriptures (John 5:39;
2 Timothy 2:15) … I think I’ll save time and just listen to Pastor and study and search my church’s constitution … you know leave it to the experts … after all they’ve gone to Bible College.”

Mmmmm!!!! Dear Reader, we shake our heads in disbelief. 

This is known as THE BIG SWITCHEROO” … whereby the pea is placed under “Study and Search the Scriptures” cup by the Pastor … and whoosh! bang! wallop! … with hey diddle diddle … the cat and fiddle … the pea suddenly emerges out from under “The Study and Search the Church Constitution” cup.

How does this happen? Simples!

The lustful ‘itching-eared’ people love to have it so
(2 Timothy 4:3) … as enduring sound doctrine has been chucked out the window.  

This is like the Romans (the Pastor) doing the bidding of the Jews (the congregation) when crucifying Christ.

And here’s the statement about Christians and their Pastors … “Who said they can’t be blinded by the god of this world?” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Question: “So how do you, as a genuine saved Christian, differ from a lost unsaved man regarding the above?

Answer: “You don’t … as you both have the same motive, desire, logic and method … as your highest authority is your own opinion.”

You are simply a Christian-Atheist … OUCH!

A Christian-Atheist and an atheist, both have a bitter distaste of being subject to the perfect English of The Book … and by The Book … we mean the infallible, inerrant, inspired and perfect English of the King James Bible.

Question: “Well what about the different KJB editions?” we hear from the monkey gallery.

Answer: “Dear Reader, there have been different editions … but NO NEW READINGS!

The thousands of things that have been changed in the King James Bible have ONLY been … TYPO’S, FONTS AND SPELLINGS!

Question: “What about the new manuscripts that have been discovered?” says the Christian-Atheist

Answer: “There have been ‘new’ manuscripts discovered … but NO NEW READINGS!

The 1611 Translators knew all about these phony, spurious and falsified ‘new’ manuscripts way back then … and ignored the whole bang lot of them!

And here’s the thing … the Catholics also threw them in the bin as completely worthless as well … at a monastery in Mt Sinai.

Then Satan’s dupe … a smartie called Tischendorf …. trying to make a name for himself by overthrowing the inerrancy and infallibility of the King James Bible … took these dead manuscripts out of the bin … dusted them off … and did a “WEEK-END AT BERNIE’S” with them … where in the movie, Bernie is propped up … and made to look like he’s still alive.”

Question: “Well what about the Greek?”

Answer: “You only like the Greek … because that means you can change the King James Bible words to suit your own twisted doctrine firstly … and secondly … just to show you can … and thirdly … your ridiculous assertion that you have a superior knowledge of the Greek  to the 1611 translators. 

Question: “Yes but I like the Geneva Version.”

Answer: “Yes … that’s because it has Calvinistic comments in the margins.”

But I say this …

“One day, you’ll stand before God himself … and tell him … how he got it all wrong … how he should have waited till you came along … before he could author the perfect English Bible.”

As someone once said ”Willing ignorance is a man’s most prized possession.”

Harley Hitchcock
June 2024

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