Applicants are now being called …  
Did God make a mistake in producing the 1611 King James Bible?

 Should God have waited for you to join the team?

What sort of qualifications will you need?
Who will you be joining?
Please don’t let their skills and knowledge put you off.
Their motto: “We have come learned … and not to learn.”
They are desperately wanting to hear what you can add!  

Now let’s see who you will be sitting around the table with:

                   1. Mastered fifteen languages and ‘ready to translate at the tower of
                       Babel’ (Sir Dr Lancelot Andrews)

                    2. Wrote a three volume Arabic lexicon dictionary and a Persian
                         Dictionary (Dr William Bedwell)

                    3. Expert in Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac and Arabic. Made annotations on
                         all the Greek and Latin church fathers. Had the Hebrew language at
                         his finger’s end (Dr Miles Smith)

                    4. Expert in both Greek and Mathematics and edited the complete works
                        of Chrysostom (Sir Dr Henry Saville)

                    5. Expert in Greek and Hebrew. At age five read the whole Bible in Hebrew.
                        At age six, could write Hebrew in a clear and elegant style (Dr John Bois)

                    6. One of the best linguists in the world along with his surpassing skill in
                        Oriental languages (Dr Edward Lively)

                    7. Thoroughly skilled in Latin, Greek and Hebrew (Dr Lawrence Chaderton)

                    8. Able to publicly debate in Greek (Dr Francis Dillingham)

                    9. Master of Greek and Hebrew and their idioms. Taught Greek and Hebrew
                        University Professors (Dr Thomas Harrison)

                    10. The University Royal Professor of Hebrew for thirteen years
                          (Dr John Harding)

                     11. Mastered all the scriptures in their original tongues. Read all the Greek
                            and Latin fathers and all the ancient records of the church (Dr John Reynolds)

                     12. A University Professor of Hebrew and excellent critic in the Hebrew
                            tongue. Could give thirteen reasons to anyone’s three reasons as to why
                            a certain word was chosen (Dr Richard Kilby)

                      13. Missionary to the Guernsey and Jersey Islands (Dr Hadrian Saravia)

                       14. An excellent textuary and profound linguist (Dr Robert Tighe)

                       15. Skilled in Architecture and expert in the construction and dimensions
                             of the tabernacle and temple (Dr John Laifield)

                        16. Unsurpassed knowledge of the quotations of the early church  fathers
                              (Dr John Overall)

                        17. Professor of Hebrew (Dr Andrew Bing)

                        18. PLUS another 37 similarly learned men

                  “Need we go on?”


“Chirp! Chirp!” (sound of a cricket in the dark)   




More silence ……

“Chirp! Chirp!”



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Harley Hitchcock




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