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Chapter 13 The Marred Girdle
He wore a brilliant and lovely girdle that became worn and dirty and was good for nothing. He then buried it in the river. A type of Jesus Christ who was worn and discarded, but arrived beautiful and glorious.

Chapter 14, 15 Jeremiah’s intercedes
A prolonged drought had stripped the land of food (v1-5). Although rejected, hated, ridiculed and mocked Jeremiah’s heart ached for Israel to see them suffer. Jeremiah prayed for the people but the Lord told him not to (v7-12). False prophets were saying there will not be sword or famine in the land but God says the opposite (v13-16). Jeremiah pleads (V19-22) that the Lord will not forsake. He ends up waiting on the Lord.

Chapter 15
The Lord says that even if Moses and Samuel were standing before him, it would make no difference (v1). The Lord says he will use sword, dogs, fowls ands beasts to decimate Judah because of the sins of Manasseh (v2-6). Iron shall break Northern iron (v12) refers to Babylon and possibly the Scythian invasion in 626BC? The Lord says for Jeremiah to separate and they can come to you but you will not join them again. They will fight you but they will not prevail (V15-21) and I will deliver you, Jeremiah.

Chapter 16 Jeremiah forbidden to have a wife
Jeremiah not to marry and have children and they would die grievous deaths (v1-4). Not to  mourn either as the Lord has taken their peace (v5). Jeremiah to separate, not mourn and not feast either (v7-9). They serve other gods and God has withdrawn favour (v11-13).

Chapter 17 Judah’s sins written with pen of iron and diamond tip.
They want the word of the Lord but it is too late (v15). They have stiff necks (v23). But if they will return to the Lord, God will still accepts them (v24-27).

Chapter 18 The Potter’s clay
Israel is but a marred pot that can be destroyed (v1-7). God frames evil against them if they will not repent (v11). They devise evil against Jeremiah and so he says for the Lord to destroy them (v18-23).  

Chapter 19 The Earthern bottle
As a potter breaks a pot that cannot be reclaimed or reformed (v11) so Israel is like this in God’s eyes. Other object lessons used by Jeremiah were 1. Marred girdle (ch 13); abstaining from marriage (ch 16); Potter’s clay (ch 18); two baskets of figs (ch 24); bonds and bars (ch 27); buying a field (ch 32)

Chapter 20 Jeremiah put in stocks
Put in stocks (v1) Pashur’s name changed to Magormissabib = “I will make thee a terror to thyself and thy friends.” (v4). Jeremiah doubts his mission and debates? But certainly remonstrates with God. Jeremiah curses the day he was born (v14) and so on.

Chapter 21 Appeal to Jeremiah
This chapter concerns the last days of Jeremiah’s life with King Zedekiah being the last of the Judah kings. Alarmed at the approach of the Babylonian army, Zedekiah appeals to intercede with God. Jeremiah advises the king to yield and submit in order to save the people from death (v9).

Chapter 22 None of Jeconiah will sit on David’s throne
Shallum a northern king reigned only 1 month. This was facing Judah. A very swift end. Jehoiakim’s miserable death (v18-19); an amazing prophecy that none from the line of Jeconiah would sit again on David’s throne (v30).

Chapter 23 Jesus Christ the righteous branch
False pastors but God will raise up Jesus Christ the righteous branch (v6); false prophets speak out of their own heart and say there is no danger (v16-17, 26); the burden of the Lord, mentioned 5 times (v 33, 34, 38) shall be their own words. Jeremiah you shall not say this phrase any more.

Chapter 24 Two baskets of figs
The good figs will be Babylon’s captive and will survive (v5-7) and the evil figs will remain in Jerusalem and be wiped off the earth (v7-10).

Chapter 25 Captivity in Babylon for 70 years
38 verses = time of testing eg 38 years in the desert, a man with paralysis for 39 years; This is 604 BC in the 4th year of Jehoiakim’s reign; the king of Babylon is God’s servant (v9); exact prophecy told of 70 years captive of Babylon (v11); the Babylon punished (v12-14); as well as all the other nations (v15-26); God’s anger will prevail (v27-38)

Chapter 26 Jeremiah’s trial
Brought before the princes and told not to diminish a word (v2) and they, and all the people, wanted him dead (v8). ‘Kill me if you want’ (v14) he says.

Chapter 27, 28 Bonds and bars illustration
Jeremiah puts on a yoke around his neck and says for the others to do also. Hananiah a false prophet takes yoke off Jeremiah to say “God will not let us be captive to Babylon”. Accuses Jeremiah of rebellion. But he dies within two months (28:1, 17).

Chapter 29 Jeremiah’s letter to exiles
Written after Jehoiachin and the best of the captives taken to Babylon, advising them to be peaceful and obedient and they will return after 70 years (v10). But even in Babylon the false prophets kept up their fight against Jeremiah (v21-32).

Chapter 30, 31 Song of restoration
Jacob’s trouble of 7 years of tribulation (v2-7); Israel brought back out of the North country (31:7-11); new covenant with the house of Israel (31:31-34)

Chapter 32 Jeremiah buys a field
The time is 607BC – one year before captivity. Jeremiah buys a field saying “we shall return” and this is the word of the Lord. The deed shall be put into safe keeping with witnesses (v25), and the land will be cultivated again. There is nothing too hard for the Lord (v27).

Chapter 33 The Branch is Jesus Christ will be established
The Branch (v15) will come with the promise of cleansing.

Chapter 34 Liberty proclaimed
Jerusalem will be burnt (v2); Zedekiah will not be killed by sword (v4) but Judah will be captive (v21-22)

Chapter 35 The good lives of the Rechabites
Will be saved and will stand before God for ever (v19).  

Chapter 36 The King burns Jeremiah’s warnings against Judah
Jeremiah writes down all the prophecies spoken against Judah in a book (v2). Jehoiakim the king cuts up and burns the book (v13). But Jeremiah writes it again with extra added (v28, 32).

Chapter 37, 38 Jeremiah’s imprisonment
During the siege, Babylon temporarily withdraws (v5). God told Jeremiah to separate from Jerusalem and go to Anathoth (v12). On suspicion Jeremiah is arrested as being a traitor as it looked he was going to join Babylon (v13). Put in prison on bread and water (21). Rescued from prison by Ebedmelech (38:7-13). The king Zedekiah was friendly to Jeremiah but he was a weak king (v16, 24).

Chapter 39 Jerusalem burned
Zedekiah tries to escape but captured and eyes put out (v4-7). Jerusalem burned (v8). The poor people left to cultivate the ground (v10).

Chapter 40, 41 Gedaliah made governor over Judah
Gedaliah assassinated (41:4). Ishmael did it. He escapes (41:15). People afraid of Babylon as Gedaliah and been killed and looked to go into Egypt (41:18).

Chapter 42, 43 Departure for Egypt
Fearful of Nebuchadnezzer they go to Egypt although warned not to be Jeremiah (42:10-11, 19; 43:2,4). They took Jeremiah with them (43:6).

Chapter 44 Jeremiah’s final appeal
The place and manner of Jeremiah’s death is not known. The queen of heaven is Ashtoreth (v17-19, 23). A small number will escape from Egypt and the sword and return (v28).

Chapter 45 Baruch the scribe
Told not to seek great things for himself (v5) or he will given as prey to others.

Chapter 46 Egypt
Nebuchadnezzer defeats Pharaoh-necho of Egypt in the 4th year of Jehoiakim at Carchemish in 605BC, and this was in the middle of Jeremiah’s life (v1-22). Egypt will rise up (v8) and Nebuchadnezzar will invade Egypt (v13-26). Israel is not to fear and will be restored (v27-28).

Chapter 47 The Philistines shall be destroyed
This prophecy was fulfilled 20 years later when Nebuchadnezzar took Judah. Other prophets who mentioned the Philistines were Isaiah 14:28-32; Amos 1:6-8; Ezekiel 25:15-17; Zephaniah 2:4-7; Zechariah 9:1-7

Chapter 48 Moab
Moab helped Nebuchadnezzar against Judah but was later destroyed by him in 582BC. It’s restoration (v47) along with Ammon (49:6), may have been fulfilled with a general absorption back into a general absorption of an Arab race.

Chapter 49 Ammon, Edom, Syria, Hazor, Elam
Prophecies that were fulfilled against these nations by Nebuchadnezzar. Ammon is in Ezekiel 25:1-11 and Edom in Obadiah.

Chapter 50, 51 The fall of Babylon
As in Isaiah 13:17-21 the fall is predicted in Jeremiah 51:37-43. The Medes were the conquerors (50:9; 51:11, 27, 28). The words of the doom of Babylon were written down by Jeremiah and sent to Babylon to be read publicly and then cast into the Euphrates. “Thus shall Babylon sink and never rise”. (51:59-64).

Chapter 52 The captivity of Judah
Zedekiah tries to flee but captured and eyes are put out (v8-11). The poor were left to look after the land (v16). Jechoiachin survived and fed by the king of Babylon (v31-34).

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