Irreducible Complexity categorically states that certain biological systems CANNOT have evolved by successive small modifications to pre-existing functional systems through natural selection, because no less complex system would function.



It means that you have to have all the parts of an outboard motor for it to start up and run.

It means you just can’t have the fuel tank and nothing else, or just half a fuel tank.

It means you just can’t have a spark plug or half a spark plug and nothing else.

It means you just can’t have half battery and nothing else.

It means you MUST have the several hundred parts of the motor before it will start.

For a mouse trap to work, there must be All nine parts present eg spring, wood base and so on.


There is NO such thing as a simple cell with its DNA, messenger RNA, mitochondria and the production of proteins and so on. It means that in just one cell of the body, 2,000 chemical operations much occur at the same time, before the next 2,000 chemical operations to happen at the same time, before the next 2,000 chemical operations can happen at the same time and so on.

And all these billions and billions and billions of chemical operations MUST happen within a split second of each other. The mathematics of all this happening in trillions of cells in the body, and all coordinated with each other is impossible. You may as well put the probability down as ten to the power of countless trillions, with ten to the power of 50 being zero.

CONCLUSION? Evolution is a fairy tale for people who hate God!




Let’s suppose man has evolved over the last - how many billions of years? 5, 6, 10, 15?

Just suppose we all came from primordial slime rich in proteins and nutrients (how did they come into existence? Everything must have come from rocks and then sand, and water, and then it was struck by lightning and so on).

So our single little cell somehow comes into existence and strives away till it becomes 2 cells, then 3 and so on till there are billions of them. Anyhow, they somehow organize themselves into becoming a trilobite, that then becomes a fungus, that then becomes a sea-weed, that then becomes a fish, that then becomes a reptile, that then becomes a bird, that then becomes a monkey, that then becomes a gorilla, that then becomes a man. A MALE!So far so good” the evolutionist says. So on the other side of the planet, or nearby in the next pond, we have another cell going through the same process and turning into a woman. A FEMALE!  You know, an ENTIRELY different physical make up to man. But in order for the human race to exist, this man and this woman must meet and have intercourse within the space of her child bearing years, let’s say 60-70 years.

So over the course of say 10 billion years, or so, as this man and woman develop, we are then reduced down to a window of opportunity of a few years, for them to have sex. I mean what are the odds of that? Addicted and hardened gamblers will not bet on a tossed 20 cent piece landing on its side five times in a row! So this perfectly evolved man somehow must find this perfectly evolved woman in a space of a few years! If not the human race can’t reproduce and will die out. That means another 10 billion years or so must go by before we can have this chance again!


CONCLUSION? Evolution is a fairy tale for those who deny the existence of the Creator!


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Harley Hitchcock


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