The definition of an eclipse is “When one celestial object passes into the shadow of another.”

More and more now, we are seeing lunar eclipses, whereby the moon passes in front of the sun, and the sun is put into the shadow of the moon, with the result of the earth being placed into darkness for a time.

Now in the Bible we have two major events whereby the earth was in put into darkness … but not as a result of a lunar eclipse … as we shall see … there are similarities.

Firstly, there was the tenth plague of Egypt where the land was plunged into darkness (Exodus 12:29).

Secondly, when Christ was ON the cross, the land was plunged into darkness (Matthew 27:45).

Now Dear Reader, can you recall what also accompanied these blackouts?

Correct … there was death … in the first instance … the smiting of all Egypt’s firstborn … and in the second instance … death of God’s only begotten first born in Jesus Christ.

Now, as stated, these were not the result of eclipses but there is this parallel … that darkness represents death.

Now … the moon receives the reflection of the sun, and as the moon represents man, and the sun represents Christ (Malachi 4:2), man receives his light from Christ (John 1:9).

So if the sun is darkened, then also man’s light is affected … diminished or extinguished.

If Christ had not come to earth, man would have remained dead in trespasses and sin … in total darkness.

Now as the light of Christ, the gospel, the good news, steadily becomes an alien object … indeed a fast diminishing subject on earth … that is … less and less people want less and less of Christ, the world descends into darkness.

Now here’s the question … “What is putting the earth into darkness with a lunar eclipse of the sun?

Correct … it’s the moon … which represents man.

Man is extinguishing … putting into the shade as it were … the Sun of righteousness, Jesus Christ, by having other idols in Christ’s place.

So what should we be reminded of when we see an eclipse?

Firstly, man’s pre-eminence with himself resulting in the downgrading of Christ … putting Christ into the shade and blocking Christ out of man’s life … that is … putting himself in front of, and before, Christ … as with the moon with the sun.

Secondly, a warning of the death of mankind, when the Spirit of God indwelling Christians, is taken from the earth in the upcoming seven years of tribulation.

But here’s the thing with an eclipse … the surrounding circle of light around the dark circle, the corona of an eclipse … can still be seen despite the round orb of darkness.


Man can not and never will be able to eliminate, block out, extinguish, put into the shade … the Sun of righteousness.

God’s prophecies … that is … the exact and precise future history being told in advance … will have their way … despite man’s efforts to thwart them.

Even if all Christians are killed, and the Bible be eliminated from the face of the earth, the Christ’s foreordination can not be stopped (1 Peter 1:20).

The Sun of righteousness will always ‘re-appear’, despite man’s ‘lunar’ efforts to block Christ out of the picture.

Harley Hitchcock
April 2023

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