I remember watching a TV programme many years ago where a little Martian creature popped out of his space capsule and started talking to some earthlings standing nearby.
He said “Th thr ts-dy w sld pst th wrng spc mtr nt rth pls ssst s”
Everyone scratched their heads and looked puzzled.
Someone said “We are earthlings, we would like to help you. What did you say?”
The little creature again mouthed off “W lft Mrs wtht th rgth gr nd w nd y t fx t”
Someone else then said more loudly and slowly “We obviously don’t speak your language, does anyone on your space craft speak English?”

At this, the indignant little critter swiftly turned on its heel, climbed back on board his capsule and promptly flew off into outer space.

God was speaking to Abraham one day and said “nd wll gv nt th nd t thy sd ftr th th lnd.”
Abraham replied “Excuse me LORD, but I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about. I don’t want to be disrespectful or anything LORD, but could you please speak a little more clearly so I can understand you?”

God was also talking to Moses and said “Dw nt ngh hthr … fr th plce … s hly grnd… hv srly sn th fflctn f my ppl whch r n gypt … fr knw thr srrws”
In a similar reply, Moses said “Say that again almighty God, I am confused … I honestly have not understood a word you’ve said, God?”

Correct, the little Martian, and indeed God, were speaking words without using any of the vowels … you know a,e,i,o,u. I remember laughing at the predicament of the Martian and thinking “Well if he can’t speak the earthling language, how will anyone be able to understand him?”

Those watching the TV programme knew that it was all a bit of nonsense designed to get a few laughs.

Now we all know that God didn’t say to Abraham “nd wll gv nt th, nd t thy sd ftr th, th lnd.” He actually said “And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land…” (Genesis 17:8)

The ‘intellectual critics’ and Bible correctors who would say that God’s name is not Jehovah but Yahweh, would have us believe that God spoke to the Jews in words without any vowel sounds.

They would have you believe that Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets, were spoken to by God with vowel-less words.

They would have you believe that God’s words consisted only of consonants eg God said “Dw nt ngh…” upon which Moses pondered awhile and then said to himself “Aha! God said “Draw not nigh…” (Exodus 3:5).


Correct!!! When God spoke to Adam right back in the beginning, Adam would have been absolutely clear about what God said and the words that were used. Adam would have been in no doubt and written them down as he heard them. Similarly, for God to have spoken words consisting only of consonants, that couldn’t be understood by the chosen leaders and prophets of his people, would place God in the category of the Little Martian. How could God then hold anyone accountable? He couldn’t.

Vowel-less words? Nothing but a con by the higher German critics, in cahoots with Rome, to change the Old Testament.

Harley Hitchcock




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