The world knows that for a race of people to lose their language it means they lose their culture and eventually sink without a trace into the annals of history.

A case in point was on TV the other night, when we saw the 53 chiefs from the Canadian Red Sioux Indian race, all sitting around a table at their yearly get together. They were adamant that if their languages were lost, their culture would be lost and they would be doomed to history.

Similarly in Australia dozens of Aboriginal races are re-teaching their languages to their young ones and writing books capturing their spoken words onto paper. They know only all too well that if their dialect disappears, then so do they.

But Christians are oblivious to this fact. Christians must be some of the dumbest creatures alive as they encourage the watering down of their language as found in the King James Bible.

We now have over 330 versions of the Bible and all disagreeing with each other. Instead of raising man’s language to that of God Almighty, Christians now have the world producing Bibles for them in the world’s language.

And slowly the ‘Christian culture’ will be eliminated because the King James Bible sails off into the fog of history.

A case in point is the term “God Almighty” which can’t be found in the New King James Version. What has been substituted for the word Almighty is the word Sovereign.

The word “Almighty” needs no explanation does it? It explains itself! ALL MIGHTY. God is not just mighty but ALL MIGHTY. HE HAS ALL MIGHT AND POWER.

So here’s the question, “How much power and might does a sovereign god have?” No-one knows.

But of course those that refer to the New King James don’t realize this … as they live a weak sovereign life … as they don’t have an Almighty God! What’s a sovereign life? Who knows?

And here’s the heinous sin, to call God sovereign, is to spit in his eye and kick sand in his face. It’s the ultimate insult.

Now of course the list goes on … just click onto the articles Would Jesus Write this Bible? Shameful Facts About the NKJV and see what we mean.

Shortly, the world will ban the King James Bible saying it is a book of hate, and people that call themselves Christians will agree … and they won’t care. Were they really Christians?

The Christian language is the language of The King James Bible aka The Holy Bible aka The Authorized Bible.

And Christian churches everywhere wonder why the world is making in-roads.

“The Book of the Almighty Rock” has now been turned into “The Book of the Sovereign Sand” … with the next version to be published called “The Book of the Wet Paper Bag” … soon to be followed by “The Book of the Gummy Lollies”.

King Charles is now The Defender of All Faiths … I suspect he doesn’t like the King James Bible.

What is a Christian? No-one really knows.

The Book has been taken away.

“Love it or lose it.”

Harley Hitchcock



 I remember watching a TV programme many years ago where a little Martian creature popped out of his space capsule and started talking to some earthlings standing nearby.
He said “Th thr ts-dy w sld pst th wrng spc mtr nt rth pls ssst s”
Everyone scratched their heads and looked puzzled.
Someone said “We are earthlings, we would like to help you. What did you say?”



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