THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH of the book of Matthew

This kingdom of heaven gospel confronted the Jew with the impossible demand of being sinless. If they could not be sinless, they would not enter Abraham’s bosom, never to get to heaven, but burn forever in hell.

“Furthermore” Christ adds “it will be possible for you to have the kingdom of heaven down here on earth, but there are two conditions:

First, you must believe I, Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, can perfectly keep the rules for you.

Second, you will keep doing the animal blood sacrifices for the remission of PAST sins (Rom 3:25).

If you can do these two things, I can guarantee you 100% that you will go to Abraham’s bosom as a temporary stop-over when you die, and then after the cross, I’ll come and collect you and take you to heaven.”

In Summary:  Jesus says “Correct. You won’t be able to keep these rules. In fact I gave you these rules to show that you can’t keep them as they are impossible to keep. BUT I WILL DO IT ON YOUR BEHALF! But you will need to continuously believe (that is “believeth” which is the present, continuous and on-going belief) that I can satisfy the kingdom of heaven rules, that is, fulfil the law. Also, you will still have to go up to the temple to offer blood sacrifices for your ever on-going sins. It’s a DOUBLE FORMULA of believe in me for perfect works on your behalf + animal blood for your past sins as I haven’t shed my blood yet!”

Christ says “The entry requirement for Abraham’s bosom the works in fulfilling the Old Testament laws, the Ten Commandments, PLUS you’ll need animal blood for remission of past sins. After I shed my perfect and sinless blood on the cross, then I’ll come and get you from Abraham’s bosom and take you into heaven.”

Now at this point, the seeds of suspicion and doubt crept into the minds of the Jews, which were stoked by the priests and the Jewish rulers who saw their empires about to crumble. However, the ordinary Jew just loved Jesus, and why wouldn’t they? He healed them, fed them, raised their dead and ‘nursed them like babies’. They initially believed in him, but many couldn’t keep it up (John 6:66).

So why did Jesus come to, and for, the Jews to give them an impossible set of rules?

Answer? God’s patience had been tried with Israel for about 1500 years.

When Moses gave the laws at Mt Sinai, they were to put Israel under the curse of God (Galatians 3:10) as these laws were also IMPOSSIBLE to keep (Matthew 22:37-40), as keeping the law had two conditions

1. The acts themselves with animal blood sacrifices, feasts and ceremonies
2. The right ‘heart’ attitude that would please God

Israel were simply going through the motions and their hearts weren’t in it. So when Christ gives his laws with the Sermon on the Mount, they were also given to put Israel under a curse, as these laws couldn’t be kept either. Now these laws were much more strict in demanding a more internal obedience about their thought-life, heart attitudes and motives. For example, if they wouldn’t forgive others in their hearts, then God would not forgive their sins either. Also if they weren’t pure in heart they would never see God in heaven! These were impossible rules!

Now, in the Old Testament they knew all this, but they were a nation that walked by sight. They had more miracles happening per square metre, than all other nations combined in the history of the world. For 40 years they had food drop out of heaven, and prophets who had countless signs and wonders. But they failed!

So God says “I know, I’ll go down to earth and appear to them in person, and as Jesus Christ, I’LL FULFIL THE LAW ON THEIR BEHALF. That will make it real easy for them. Then with animal blood, they can atone for the remission of their past sins.”

So at the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus, God himself in the flesh, is face to face with them. Jesus says “Look the Old Testament laws still are in force, but I’ll fulfil them on your behalf with the pure internal heart motivation that the law requires. If you will believeth (that is present, continuous and on-going believing) in me that I can do this for you, and also keep up the blood sacrifices for your past sins, and you’ll qualify for Abraham’s bosom, and then into heaven.”

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Harley Hitchcock


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