Feeding the 5,000 …
How much would that cost?

… a great multitude followed him … saw a great company come unto him … Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient five barley loaves, and two small fishes ... So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.”
(John 6:2-5,6-9,10)

Let’s suppose that one third of the men brought their wives … and let’s suppose half of these couples had two children … or more.

We then have 5,000 men + 1660 wives + 3320 children = 9980 = approx. 10,000 people.

Now a basic day’s wage in Christ time was one penny per day (Matthew 20:2).

Today in Australia, as of February 2024, the basic wage is $883 per week.

This means for a 35 hour week, the hourly rate = $25.22

Therefore for an seven hour day, the wage = $177

Therefore 200 pennyworth = $177 x 200 = $35,319

But Philip says to Christ “Jesus, even $35,319 won’t be sufficient to feed all these people.” (John 6:7)

Let’s round this up to $38,000 to feed 10,000 people … that is … $3.80 was needed to feed each person … one sausage roll!

So even $40,000 was not going to be sufficient to feed the 5,000!

But as the scripture says Christ “himself knew what he would do” (John 6:6).

I mean, the disciples did not have $40,000 in the bag to feed the 5,000!

I mean instead of this miracle … let’s suppose the crowd could rustle up some of their lunches to share with each other … seeing a young boy was willing to share his lunch.

And this is how the De-Mythologizing of the Bible began in the 1960’s in the USA … to explain away Christ’s miracles with human reasoning … you know … Christ was not the Son of God or the Son of man, but simply a good bloke urging the crowd to do the right thing.   

No Dear Reader … huge crowd, impossible food bill … unbelievable miracle … something out of nothings!

Harley Hitchcock
May 2024

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