“First time good … second time even better”

 The answer to this ‘originals’ debate is very simple and can be summed up conservatively as follows ...

“What God does the first time is very good …

but what he does the second time is even better”
This is the very nature of God

As God invented linear time, God has always been the God of linear time.

This was the opposite difference to the gods of other nations who describe their histories in a ‘cyclical’ fashion … for example the gods of Hindu Cosmic Cycles ... that is with the repetitive nature of creation, destruction, obliteration … endlessly repeated over and over again … and against the backdrop of the lie of countless millennia.

No, God has always moved forward … and of course … God has always been the ‘was’, the ‘is’ and the ‘is to come’ God!

God never looks back to repeat anything.

He moves forward from everlasting to everlasting.

A case in point is the first heaven and the first earth were very good (Genesis 1:31) … but the second new heaven and the second new earth will be even better (Revelation 21:1).

Another example is of Christ first coming in the likeness of sinful man (Romans 8:3) was very good … but his second coming will be even better … and not as a man (Revelation 19:11-16).

Furthermore, King Jehoiakim cuts and burns the original scriptures (Jeremiah 36:21-23) … only to have them rewritten … but with added extra verses (Jeremiah chapters 45-51) … which makes the originals even better!

Dear Reader, has the thought ever occurred to you that all this discussion, research, kerfuffle, drama and argument about the ‘originals’ is nothing but Satan’s giant Red Herring designed to get people off track?

While God cares about the ‘originals’
… when he replaces them
… they are even better!

While we know what holy men of God spake was perfect (2 Peter 1:21), what was originally written down may not have been?

We assume they were perfect, infallible and inerrant … and faithfully and carefully copied … however, it is ‘odds on’, there would have been mistakes.

The ‘originals’ being copied many times would have led to error.

Furthermore, for God to produce a truly international Bible, he distributes it into all the nations of the earth through 250 years of Rome’s persecutions.

Then re-gathers back all the many multiplied copies, Bibles, lectionaries, manuscripts, teaching notes, preaching notes, miniscules, majuscules, Textus Receptarum etc etc … with the ‘greek’ thoroughly corrected in around 1,000 places … by the superior language of English … to be formed into the perfect, inerrant, infallible and inspired King James Bible.

So following, what we have is just a small snapshot that the word of God is purified many times (Psalm 12:6) …



Peshitta Bible 150AD


Itala Bible 157AD


Wycliffe’s Bible 1380AD


Erasmus’s Bible 1522AD


Tyndale’s Bible 1525AD


Luther’s Bible 1534AD


Coverdale’s Bible 1535AD


Matthew’s Bible 1537AD


Great Bible 1539AD


Stephen’s Bible 1550AD


Geneva Bible 1560AD


Bishop’s Bible 1568AD


Beza’s Bible 1604AD




The King James Bible


Dear Reader, why would God have to look back to an outdated and superseded ‘greek’ language?

 Answer: No need! God is the ‘is’ and ‘is to come’

Harley Hitchcock
June 2023



Dear Reader, ever had the thought that God deliberately destroyed the ‘originals’?
Was God caught on the hop with the destruction of the ‘originals’?

Nay! He planned it that way.


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