Certificate of Commendation

Dear Reader, maybe you’ve heard the Pastor passionately waving a black book in the air and saying “We believe that God has given us his inerrant, infallible and inspired Scriptures as found in the ORIGINALS AS TRANSLATED CORRECTLY.” This hidden lie of these weasel words allows anybody to preach and teach anything they want by adding, subtracting or substituting any words or doctrine from a pile of unseen, unread, unknown and unobtainable manuscripts that have never been found that reside in heaven. In opening his mail, this Pastor can be assured of finding a “Certificate of Commendation” from the Pope … similar to the one below.


 Applicants are now being called …

**** ****

Harley Hitchcock

Sunday 17th October 2021


Australian Bible Ministries, PO Box 5058 Mt. Gravatt East, 4122 Qld, Australia