Eating other people,
Is a crime they say,
dreaded knock upon the door …
The police take me away.


My wife’s distraught,
Grabs at their arms,
“What’s the charge?” she fears?
“He’s been eating Jesus,
He’ll be getting years!”


"But Rome has an exemption,
Please grant him a reprieve,
It’s transubstantiation!
Or so we do believe."


Quinoa crackers are the focus,
Into Jesus Hocus Pocus,
Healthy, tasty, I might add,
cheese and salt? Not too bad!


But it is rather spooky,
Eating God himself,
Posing as cookie,
Sitting on the shelf.


Surely! Public outcry!
A heinous crime indeed!
That Rome’s constructing buildings,
In which Jesus they do feed.


Like a Zombie movie?
Gorging on live people,
The blood and flesh in their mouths …
Hark! A Roman steeple!


Inca temple sacrifice
And Rome are just the same,
It is his actual body,
His actual blood they claim.


Eating as a cannibal,
It is the law they flout,
Prison is their just desert,
Should we let them out?

**** ****
Harley Hitchcock

Saturday 21st August 2021




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