Beginning their journey at “Willing Ignorance” and gathering speed through the stations of “Tithing”,

Water Baptism”, “Membership”, “Voting”,

and rocketing past the lush fields of “Backsliding Heifers”,


The Church of the Insane Train of “We Prefer the King James Bible” has been derailed at the four-way intersection of “The Inerrant Originals” Street, “Greek Nuggets” Avenue, “Unbelief” Terrace and “Itching Ears” Close


It has then jumped the rails and crashed onto “Apostasy” Road, and smashed into the intersection of “We Believe our Constitution” Drive and “Shutting My Ears” Broadway.


And finally stopping at “Constipation Corner” a.k.a. “Superceded Dispensations Parklands” which is adjacent to “Lukewarm Lake” and the three suburbs of

“Lethargy Downs”, “Arrogant Postcode” and “KeepTurningtheSameHandleExpectingDifferentResults Heights”


Any questions regarding the above can be directed to

“1800 what-does-the-Greek-say”,

“1800 inpervious-to-correction”

“1800 spin-my-wheels


All tithes can be sent to the “I.B. Association of Unbelief”

or its subsidiary of “Deaf Ears and Stiff Necks Inc”


This is Dr Asan Angeloflight reporting live from

It’s Almostmidnight.

Harley Hitchcock



Australian Bible Ministries, PO Box 5058 Mt. Gravatt East 4122 Qld, Australia