When critics level this attack on those who believe the authority of the King James Bible with its infallibility, inerrancy and inspiration, what they really mean is that … we have stopped listening to their authority!

As the Reformation progressed, Rome, mounted their attack on the Textus Receptus (TR), by calling it a “paper pope.”

By this, of course, they meant that Protestants had abandoned papal authority and had replaced it with a “pope” on paper, the Greek New Testament.

Furthermore, Catholics argued that there were thousands of textual variations in the Greek manuscripts and that Protestants did not have a right to just pick one Bible to follow.

Call it what you like, but their bluster and hubris, is nothing but arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, vanity and pride.

Suffering under the myth called The Textual Differences Syndrome (T.T.D.S.), Rome hoped they could undermine the authority of the TR.

But of course Dear Reader, it’s not the authority of the TR that really hurts them.

It is the authority of The King James Bible that is the death blow to them!

What really scares the daylights out of people is that Christians should worship a Book.

Dear Reader, I ‘worship’ the Book … Why? It is the final written authority of God to man.

It is the closest physical thing we have of Christ on earth.

It’s just as if Christ has plummeted out of heaven and popped himself into a book.

I mean he did it for Israel didn’t he?

He rocketed out of heaven and into the form of a man!

So bringing about a perfect book … would not keep Christ awake for a nanosecond … a mere doddle!

Question: Which would be harder … manifesting as a man or getting his final written authority on paper?

Answer: Neither.

Now at the moment, Christ doesn’t do this anymore … but of course he will … so he has left us his instructions on all matters of belief, faith and doctrine.

You see, what the critics want, is for us to pray more … you know … they are called Prayers of Unbelief … such that when you read something written in the King James Bible … you are to keep on questioning what you have read … asking for another answer as it were.

Are critics so stupid as to accuse us of having a King James on a little altar with candles … “Oh Dear Bible we now worship you.”

As it has been said “Clean Bible … dirty Christian, dirty Bible … clean Christian”.

See the opposite is true ... critics have clean Bibles … and that means … it is holy thing to them … they dare not smudge it in any way … “It’s The Holy Book … you know!”

And of course, it would be a mission impossible … because they have never seen their Bible … because it doesn’t exist … it’s a pile of unseen and unread manuscripts.

I remember showing my Bible to someone and they were horrified … it was crinkled and creased … had notes, finger marks, biro ink (by the way Dear Reader … always use a dry Biro ink and not one that ‘leaks’ … as with those highlighters … use the non-bleed ones that don’t seep through the paper to obscure the text on the other side of the paper).

No, it is the critics that worship their Bibles … their invisible Bibles that no-one has ever seen.

Too right I have a Paper Pope … but it can be forensically examined at every second of the day … by anyone.

The critics have their Paper Pope … they have their Invisible Paper Pope (IPP) somewhere out in the universe … unseen and unread … in heaven they say!

Oh no! What am I to do?

“I’ve been accused of worshipping a Paper Pope … what shall I do?

I’m so upset now! I guess I’ll swallow a teeny tiny baby Aspirin, drink a warm glass of milk … and have a good lie down.”

As Satan is a master of “Attack Being the Best Form of Defence” … he uses his earthly ‘originals’ servants to accuse others of worshipping a physical Paper Pope … all the while … hiding their worship of an unseen Paper Pope.

Harley Hitchcock
May 2023


Winner winner … Chicken dinner!


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