Dear Reader, it is with a giant yawn, that I write the following …  

Dear Reader, they’re funny little people … aren’t they … those who sprout “the Bible has no contradictions, mistakes or errors in the original autographs”. 

When I hear these words, I simply know … right off the bat … that they can’t understand the English of the King James Bible.

They want to … but God WILL NOT let them.

What God will do to you … if this is your mantra … is to let you discover some of these ‘contradictions, mistakes and errors’ to expose arrogance. 

Now if you know any of these people, tell them they can contact me at


Here are the conditions:

1. They will provide their full name, address and email details
2. We will publish their letter for worldwide viewing
3. We will publish the correction to their misunderstanding

Before they contact us … hopefully they will have studied our website … there is more than enough information there to choke a wombat and sink ten battleships … to demonstrate two things … their ability to handle written words, and proof they are genuine seekers.

Dear Reader, we say all this, as those in opposition to the inerrancy, infallibility and inspiration of the present day King James Bible English are simply mockers, jeerers, taunters and sneerers … THE WILLINGLY IGNORANT … hoping to throw mud that some might stick.

As we will discover, their misunderstandings will revolve around ‘the Greek’, lack of knowledge of the dispensations, their denominational beliefs and their paucity of sound doctrine … among others.

It would be our desire that we might be able to help some before they go home … that is assuming they are saved.

Harley Hitchcock
May 2023

Dear Reader,
I know a certain man, who for many years, has pondered on the following question …
“Why do mad dogs bite?”
After never ending years of fruitless research, he moved onto the next question …




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