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References On Various Subject


1.  THE SCRIPTURES    Back To Headings 

We believe The King James Authorized Bible to be the pure, perfect, infallible, inerrant, inspired and preserved words of God, and consists of the sixty-six books as found preserved in the 1611 King James Authorized Bible. Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost and their words were written down, and have been divinely preserved, throughout the ages, until reaching us in its present form. The King James Authorized Bible is the preservation of the very words of God in the form he wanted in the universal language of these last days - English.
We believe that God’s word, The King James Bible, are the words of God, and therefore we totally reject all other English bible versions.

We believe that any Greek Textus Receptus has been corrected in several hundred places by the 1611 King James Authorized Bible.

We believe that the scriptures are not open to private interpretation.


Pure words: Ps 12:6

Inspiration: 2 Tim 3:16-17

Preservation: Ps 12:6-7, Matt 24:35; 1 Pet 1:23-25

Holy Men spake: 2 Pet 1:20-21; Luke 1:70

God’s word: 2 Sam 23:2; Ps119:1 Is8:20; Luke 4:4; John 17:17; 1 Thess 2:13; Heb 4:12

Words of God: Deut 18:19; Prov 4:20; Matt 24:35; Luke 4:4; Jn 6:63

Other English bible versions: 1 Cor 2:13-14,  2Cor 2:17; Rom 10:17 (not by other versions’ words); Heb 4:12; Jn 12:48; Matt 24:35; 1 Thess 2:13; Rev 22:19;

Deut 4:2; Jer 26:2; Prov 30:6; 2 Tim 4:3;

Private Interpretation: 2Pet1:20-21


Ever heard the saying “The sun never set on the English empire.”? God waited till one nation virtually ruled the world, and then he used the English language to produce his perfect Bible.



        2.  GOD      Back To Headings 

We believe that there is only one God that eternally exists in three distinct persons – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. We believe that God is Almighty, and therefore, we reject the man given title of ‘sovereign’, being a word describing a god of lesser power and authority.

We believe that Jesus Christ was God manifest in the flesh, born of the virgin Mary, and is the image of God and the express image of God’s person. Furthermore, as the Holy Ghost comes not to speak of himself, but to glorify the Son, we have fellowship only with the Father and the Son, but communion with the Holy Ghost.

One God: Is 30:15 Isa 43:3 Isaiah 54:4-5 1Jn 5:7-8

Eternally exists: Deut 33:7, 1Tim1:17

Three persons: Gen 1:26; Jn 1:1, 14; Matt 3:16-17,Mat 28:19; Acts 17:29; Rom 1:20; 2 Cor 13:14; Col 2:9; 1 Jn 5:7-8

Almighty: Gen 17:1,Gen 35:11; Rev 4:8,Rev 19:15

Jesus Christ is God: 1 Jn 5:7; John 1:1-3,Joh 1:14 ; Jn 10:30; Matt 1:23; Col 1:15-18;

Manifest in the flesh: 1Tim 3:16; John 1:1, 14

Virgin birth: Is 7:14; Matt 1:18,Matthew 1:22 Matthew 1:23 Matthew 1:24 Matthew 1:25 Luke 1: 26-27 Luke 1:34  Luke 1:35

Image of God: Col 1:15 (God in physical form)

Express image of his person: Heb 1:3 is the

    exact image of God’s person (‘personality’).

Holy Ghost not speak of himself: Jn 16:13-14

Fellowship: 1 Jn 1:3

Communion: 2 Cor 13:14 To have ‘communion with the Holy Ghost’ means that we have a ‘common union’ together and the purpose of this union is to point us both in the direction of Jesus Christ the Son.



      3.  DISPENSATIONS      Back To Headings 

We believe that heresies are the result of not recognizing the dispensations, nine in number, with their various doctrinal differences, in which God has dealt differently with man. We follow Paul with his doctrine and gospel, as he followed Christ.

Heresies: 1 Cor 11:19; Titus 3:10; Rom 16:17; 2 Thess 3:6; Acts 20:20-31; Jud 1:3 Jud 1:4, Jud 1:11-Jud 1:12 - Jud 1:13

Dispensations: Luke 16:16; 1 Cor 9:17; Eph 1:10, Eph 3:2; Heb 8:8-13

Follow Paul: 1Co 1:17-1Co 1:18,1Co 9:17 ,1Co 11:1;2 Cor 11:4; Col1:25-26; Gal 1:8,11,Gal 2:6 -Gal 2:7 ,Gal 2:11; Eph 3:2-5,6-9,10; 2 Tim 1:11, 2Ti 2:2 ,2Ti 2:15,2Ti 3:10


See Appendix A for the nine dispensations.



       4.  CREATION      Back To Headings 

We believe that God, out of nothing, created the heaven and earth, the angels, all creatures and man in six literal days, and therefore, we completely reject the theory of evolution, including theistic evolution. We believe the gap theory of creation is a false teaching based on Hindu beliefs. We believe that Adam and Eve were physical and historical, and the first parents on earth. We believe the age of the earth to be around six thousand years.

Out of nothing: Rom 1:20; Heb 11:3

Created: Gen 1:1, Gen 1:21, Gen 1:27, Gen 2:3, Gen 2:4 , Gen 5:1, Gen 5:2, Gen 6:7 ; Is 40:6,7 Isa 42:5 , Isa 45:12, Isa 45:18;  Mk 10:6, Mar 13:19 ; John 1:3; Eph 3:9; Col 1:16;  Rom 1:20; Col 1:16-17; Heb 1:2; Rev 4:11, Rev 10:6

Six literal days: Gen 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31, Gen 2:2

Theory of evolution: See ‘Created’ above.

     See APPENDIX B for more on evolution

Theistic evolution: Heb 6:18; Num 23:19

     See  APPENDIX C

Adam: Gen 5:3-5; Deut 32:8; Rom 5:14; 1 Cor 15:45; 1 Tim 2:13; Jude 1:14

Gap theory: 2 Pet 2:5 and 2 Pet 3:5-6

    See APPENDIX D for the Gap Theory



       5.  THE FALL OF MAN      Back To Headings 

We believe that the sin of Adam and Eve, resulted in all men being born sinners but this does not hinder man, in any way, from having a free will to either choose or reject God’s grace in his merciful provision of free salvation to all men, without exception, by belief in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.


All men born sinners: Ps 51:5; Rom 5:15-18,19; John 3:16; 1Ti 4:10; Acts 16: 30-31

All men without exception: Jn 3:16; 1 Tim 2:4,1Ti 2:6; 1Ti 4:10 ; 2 Pet 3:9; 1 Jn 4:14; 1 Jn 2:2

The shed blood of Jesus Christ: Lev 17:11; Acts 20:28; Rom 5:8-9; 1 Cor 11:25; Col 1:14; Heb 9:12-15,16-19,20-22; 1 Pet 1:18-19; 1 Jn 1:7; Rev 1:5



       6.  THE CHURCH      Back To Headings 

We believe that under Paul’s gospel, the church, Christ’s body, consists of the saints that have been baptised by the Holy Ghost into the death of Jesus Christ, at the moment of salvation. There is one baptism it is not by water.


The church is Christ’s body: Eph 1:22-23, Eph 5:30

Baptised by the Holy Ghost: Eph 4:5

One baptism: 1 Cor 12:13; Gal 3:27

Not by water: Col 2:11-12; Rom 6:3


    7.  SATAN      Back To Headings 

We believe that Satan, the god of this world, is real, alive and active, and that he was created by God as the anointed cherub, Lucifer, but through pride and rebellion, was cast from heaven into the garden of Eden. After Armageddon, he will be cast into the bottomless pit for a thousand years, and then into the lake of fire, with all his fallen angels, the beast and the false prophet, together with the unsaved, to be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

The god of this world: 2Cor4:4

Anointed cherub: Ezek 28:14

Lucifer: Is 14:12

The garden of Eden: Gen 3:1

The bottomless pit for 1000 years: Rev 20:3, 7

The lake of fire: Rev20:10



     8.  HELL      Back To Headings 

We believe there is a literal hell in the middle of the earth with literal flames of fire that burn and is the place for the eternal, conscious and physical torment of all unsaved souls, who at death, shall descend immediately into hell. Hell is God’s destruction of the body and soul, for those who reject Jesus Christ as Saviour. Here they are kept under torment until the final day of judgment, at the which, all the unsaved dead will appear before the great white throne, their bodies being raised from the grave, and they are to be judged according to their works. After which, all shall be cast into the lake of fire for everlasting torment with the devil and his angels. Hell is not Satan’s kingdom, as he is the god of this world. We believe that after the millennial reign (Christ’s one thousand year rule on earth), hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire.

Literal hell: Amos 9:2 Ezek26:20,Eze 31:13 ,Eze 31:16-18,

Eze 32:18-21,22-25,28-30 

Literal flames of fire: Luke 16:24

God’s destruction: Matt 10:28, Mat 25:42

Great white throne Rev20:11-13

Bodies raised: John 5:28

Judged according to their works: Rev20:12

Cast into the lake of fire: Matt 10:28,

The god of this world: 2 Cor 4:4

Millenial reign, one thousand years: Rev20:3-6,7

Rule on earth: Rev 19:15



     9.  SALVATION      Back To Headings 

We believe that starting with Adam and Eve, and down to this present day, that blood is the only payment that God will receive to turn his wrath away from man’s sins. We believe that under the old testament, it was the ongoing sacrifices of animal blood that made an atonement for the soul, but these only provided temporary salvation. We believe that Jesus Christ, our final Passover lamb, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God, and that, for by one offering, he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified and there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins. We believe that with the shed blood of Christ, the believer has been washed from his sins and can have eternal security, never to be lost. We believe that all men without exception can be saved.

Adam and Eve: Gen 3:21

Blood is the only payment: Gen 3:21; Rev 1:5

Old testament: 2 Cor 13:14

Animal blood: Heb 9:7, 13, Heb 9:18-19, Heb 9:20-22 

Temporary salvation: Heb 10:4

Christ our Passover Lamb: 1Cor5:7

One offering: Heb 10: 10, Heb 10:12, Heb 10:14, Heb 10:26

The sanctified are perfected: Heb 10:14

The shed blood of Christ: Lev 17:11; Acts 20:28; Rom 5:8-9; 1 Cor 11:25; Col 1:14; Heb 9:12-15,16-19,20-22; 1 Pet 1:18-19; 1 Jn 1:7; Rev 1:5

Washed from his sins: Rev 1:5

Eternal security: Jn 3:16, Joh 10:28-29; 1 Cor11:27-30,31-32; Rom 8:38-39; Eph 4:30; Phil 1:6; Heb 13:5

All men without exception: Jn 3:16; 1 Tim 2:4,6; 1Ti 4:10; 2 Pet 3:9; 1 Jn 4:14; 1 Jn 2:2



       10.   ETERNAL SECURITY      Back To Headings 

We believe in the eternal security of the saved, however, as the result of not judging themselves, many saints will be chastened and may become weak, sickly and fall asleep (die)

Eternal security: Jn 3:16, Joh 10:28-29; 1 Cor11:27-32; Rom 8:38-39; Eph 4:30; Phil 1:6; Heb 13:5

Judging themselves: 1 Cor11:27-30,31-32

Chastened: Job 5:17; Prov 3:11; Is 26:16; Heb 12:5, 7, 11

Weak, sickly and fall asleep (die): 1 Cor 11:30



     11.   THE GREAT COMMISSION      Back To Headings 

We believe that Christ’s commission given to the apostles, has been delivered in its final form, to Paul, the apostle born out of due time. We believe that following Paul, we have the ministry of reconciliation to the unsaved.


Christ’s commission: Matt 28:19-20

Apostles: Eph 2:20; Acts 1:21-22

Born out of due time: 1Co 15:9

Following Paul: 1 Cor 11:1

Ministry of reconciliation: 2 Cor 5:17-20

         See APPENDIX E


       12.  WATER BAPTISM, THE LORD’S   SUPPER                                        Back To Headings 

We believe that water baptism and the Lord’s supper are not ordinances for the church today, but are options.


Water baptism: 1 Cor 1:17

Lord’s Supper: 1 Cor 11:25

Ordinances: 1 Cor 11:2

   See Appendices F and G and H




We believe that we are in the last days of this dispensation, in the which, many Christians not enduring sound doctrine, are in apostasy and falling away. We believe the Lord will come quickly for the saved, who will be caught up (the rapture) to meet the Lord in the air. We believe that after this event, there will follow the seven year wrath of God that will be poured out on the earth (the tribulation and the antichrist). We believe that after this, Christ will then return to rescue Israel (the battle of Armageddon) from the attack from all nations, and that Israel will be restored to their own physical land here on earth. Christ will then rule from Jerusalem with a rod of iron for one thousand years, after which, the heavens shall melt and the earth be burned up, and after which, a new heaven and a new earth shall be seen with the new Jerusalem.


The Last Days: 2 Tim 3:1,2Ti 4:3 ; 2 Pet 3:3

Falling away: 2 Thess 2:2-3

Caught up (rapture): 1 Thess 1:10, 1Th 4:13-16,17-18; John 14:1-3, Joh 11:23-25; 1 Cor 15:51-52;

The seven year wrath: 1 Thess 1:10, 1Th 2:16, 1Th 5:9 ; Rev 6:16,17, Rev 11:8, Rev 14:10, Rev 14:19, Rev 15:1, Rev 15:7 , Rev 16:1, Rev 16:19, Rev 19:15 

The tribulation: Deut 4:30; Jer 30:7; Dan 9:27; Matt 24:15-18,19-21; 1 Thess 5:9; Rev 7:14,

The antichrist: Dan 7:23-26,27-28, Dan 8:23 Dan 8:24 Dan 8:25; 1Jn 2:18; 2Thess 2:3-4; Rev 13:1-18, Rev 14:9-11, Rev 17:8-11,12-15,16-18, Rev 19:19-20

Armageddon: Judges 5:19-20; Joel 3:9-16; Zeph 3:8-9; Zech 12:11-14, Zec 14:2-3; Matt 24:19-22,23-26,27-30,31-34; Acts 1:11; Jud 1:14 ; Rev 1:7, Rev 6:14-17, Rev 16:13-16, Rev 19:11-14,15-18,19-21, Rev 20:8

Restored to their land: Deut 30:2; Is 11:12; Jer 29:14  

Rod of iron: Rev 2:27

Millennial reign: Isa 2:1-4, Isa 9:6-7; Dan 2:44, Dan 7:13-14; Acts 1:6-7;  2 Pet 3:7, 2Pe 3:10-11; Rev 5:10, Rev 20:1-6

The heavens melt and earth burned: 2 Pet 3:7, 2Pe 3:10-11

New heaven and new Earth: Rev 3:12, Rev 21:2

The new Jerusalem: Ps 46:4, Psa 48:2; Gal 4:26; Heb 11:16; Heb 12:22;  Rev chapters 21-22



  Back To Headings


We believe the church is not spiritual Israel and has not replaced Israel in any way, shape or form. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will return to sit on David’s eternal throne at Jerusalem at Armageddon and the millennial reign and continuing on for all eternity.


David’s eternal throne: 2Sam 7:16; 1Ki 2:4; 1Chron 22:8-10; 2Chron 7:17, 18; Ps 89: 3, 4, 27-29, 34-37; Ps 132:11; Amos 9:11, 12; Is 9:6-7, Isa 11:1 Isa 11:10 ; Micah 5:2, 4; Jer 22:29, Jer 23:5-6, Jer 33:20,21; Zech 3:8, 9, Zec 6:12-13, Zec 9:10, Zec 12:8, Zec 13:1; Is 9:6-7; Rom 11:25-28; Is 11:11-12, Isa 43:1-4,5-7; Acts 15:16-17; Ps 89:20-23,24-27,28-31,32-35,36-37

Rom 2:29 Here, Paul speaks to the Jew not the church.

Heb 8:8-11,12-13 The new covenant is with Israel in the Tribulation. The word ‘covenant’ is a term used for Israel and never with the church.



      15.   WOMEN, DRESS, MINISTRY      Back To Headings 

We believe that women should dress in modest clothing with shamefacedness and sobriety.

According to Pauline doctrine, women are forbidden the offices of pastor and preacher as these usurp the authority of the man. Women are not forbidden to teach children. We believe women are to teach other women how to love their husbands and guide the house. We believe that women singing in front of the congregation provides unnecessary distractions and is contrary to worshipping God.

1 Tim 2:12; 1 Tim 2:9-12,13-14



      16.   APOSTLES AND PROPHETS      Back To Headings 

We believe that the one foundation of the church has been laid by the apostles and prophets, and as there is no longer any need for these offices, with the only two for today being pastor and teacher, and evangelist.

One foundation: Eph 2:20

Apostle qualifications: Acts 1:21-22

Pastor and teacher: 2 Tim 2:2

Evangelist: 2 Tim 4:5



      17.   APOSTOLIC SIGNS AND WONDERS      Back To Headings 

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth, being God himself manifest in the flesh, was shown to be a man approved of God, along with his apostles, by miracles, signs and wonders. We believe that the apostolic miracles, signs and wonders were only for Israel and not for today. We believe that the only miracle, sign or wonder for today is the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. We reject feminism, psychology, philosophy, memory healing, devil exorcism, ‘science falsely so called’ and the ecumenical movement as unscriptural.


God manifest in the flesh: 1 Tim 3:16

A man approved of God: Acts 2:27

Feminism: 1Tim 2:12

Psychology: Prov 14:12, Pro 16:25, Pro 21:2

Philosophy: Col 2:8

Memory healing: 2 Tim 1:7

Devil exorcism: Jam 4:7; Rom 1:28-31,32; Gal 5:19-21

Science falsely so called: 1Ti 6:20. We love true science but some science is a false science eg climate, evolution, geology and so on.

The ecumenical movement: Rom 16:13; 2 Thess 3:6, 2Th 3:14; Titus 3:10


        18.  TONGUES      Back To Headings 

We believe the practice of speaking in tongues, known and unknown, has ceased, as they were a sign only to the Jew that he was under judgment. God was no longer exclusively speaking to Israel through the Hebrew language, but to all nations. What is uttered today is a false concoction of vocal sounds, resulting from a misunderstanding of the scriptures. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a misunderstanding of the baptism with or by. Acts 2:4-7,8-11,12; 1 Cor chapter 14

See Appendix A



        19.   HEALTH, WEALTH      Back To Headings 

We believe a misunderstanding of the scriptures, has resulted in the emergence of false healers and false wealth preachers to a people who will not endure sound doctrine. We believe that the healing of Is 53:5 and 1Pet 2:24 is healing from sin, and a misunderstanding of these verses has resulted in the belief that this is a mandatory promise that is a result of the atonement at the cross. We believe physical healing, according to God’s will, is available for all today, and not all will be healed. We believe that today’s false practices of miracles, signs, wonders and ‘tongues’ are simply manufactured expressions of the flesh.


False healers: Is 53:5; 1 Pet 2:24

False wealth preachers: Jude 1:12; 2 Pet 2:1

Not endure sound doctrine: 2 Tim 4:3

Healing from sin: Is 53:5; 1 Pet 2:24

Physical healing: 1 Jn 5:14

Not all will be healed: Rom 15:1; 2 Cor 11:30, 2Co 12:5 , 2Co 12:9 , 2Co 12:10 ; 1 Tim 5:23



       20.   TITHING, CHURCH MEMBERSHIP      Back To Headings 

We believe tithing was a covenant made only with Israel, and is wrongly practiced by pastors of today. We believe that God loveth a cheerful giver. We believe that church membership is contrary to Pauline doctrine.

Tithing as a covenant: Heb 7:5

Cheerful giving: 2 Cor 9:7

See Appendix J


         21.  CIVIL MATTERS      Back To Headings 

We believe that we are subject unto the higher powers, as they are ministers of God to us for good, and therefore, for duty and conscience sake, we render them their dues.

 Romans 13:3-6

2Co 13:1-4,6-7




APPENDIX A     Back To Headings 

Depending how fine you want to cut up the pie, there can be 7, 9, 12, 15 and 17 dispensations.

There are nine dispensations with each dispensation ending with a judgment of God that marks the beginning of the next one


   1. The Age of Innocence:  Genesis Chapters 2 & 3

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then God judges Adam & Eve & they’re cast out


   2. The Age of Conscience:  Gen 4, 5, 6

From Eden to Noah’s flood. Then God judges the world & the flood destroys the whole world


   4. The Age of Human Government: Gen 10, 11

From the Flood to the Tower of Babel. Then God judges the Tower and man given new languages and then scattered across the earth


   5. The Age of Covenant Promises: Gen 12-50

From Abram to the Exodus. Then God judges Egypt with the Jews Exodus.


   6. The Age of the Law: Ex 1 - Acts 1, Matt 11:13

From the Exodus to Christ. Then God judges and destroys Jerusalem and scatters the Jews.


   7. The Age of the Church: Eph 3:1-4,5-8,9-10, Rom 11:1-4,5-8,9-12,13-16,17-20,21-24,25-27.  From Pentecost to the Rapture. God judges the world with the Rapture of the saints.

  8. The Age of The Great Tribulation of Daniel’s 70th week: Rev 11:1-3; Matt 24:21; Dan 9:24-27

From the Rapture to the 2nd coming of Christ at Armageddon. The Antichrist is in control and Israel repents Zech 12:10. Then God judges & pours his wrath out on the earth & the world.


  9. The Age of the Millenium: Rev 20:1-10; Is 60:1-22. From the 2nd coming of Christ at Armageddon (Rev 19: 1-21) to the New Heaven and the new Earth. Christ rules on earth with a rod of iron (Rev 12:5) on David’s throne for a thousand years. Satan chained and bound in the bottomless pit.

Then God judges the unsaved with the second death (Rev 20:1-14) and they are cast into the Lake of Fire along with Satan, death and hell to be tormented for ever and ever.

  10. The Age of Eternity: Rev 21:1, Is 65:17

From the great white throne to all eternity.



APPENDIX B      Back To Headings 

The evolutionists order of creation is opposite to what God says it was.

KJ Bible: Oceans before the land (Gen 1:2)

Evolution: Land before oceans


KJ Bible: First life on land (Gen 1:11)

Evolution: Life began in the oceans


KJ Bible: First life was land plants (Gen 1:11)

Evolution: Marine organisms evolved first


KJ Bible: Earth before sun and stars (Gen 1:14-17,18-19)

Evolution: Sun and stars before earth


KJ Bible: Day 3 has grass and trees and fruit

Day 4 has the sun next day for growth

Evolution: days are thousands of years, so plants die


KJ Bible: Fruit trees before fishes (Gen 1:11, 20, 21)

Evolution: Fishes before fruit trees


KJ Bible: All stars made on 4th day (Gen 1:16)

Evolution: Stars evolved at various times


KJ Bible: Birds and fishes created on the 5th day  (Gen 1:20, 21)

Evolution: Fishes evolved hundreds of millions of years before birds appeared


KJ Bible: Birds before insects

(Gen 1:20-23,24-27,28-31)                                                
Evolution: Insects before birds


KJ Bible: Birds before reptiles (Gen 1:20-31)

Evolution: Reptiles before birds


KJ Bible: Man before rain (Gen 2:5)

Evolution: Rain before man


KJ Bible: Man before woman (Gen 2:21-22)

Evolution: Man before woman (by genetics)

KJ Bible: Light before sun (Gen 1:3-6,7-10,11-14,15-18,19)

Evolution: Sun before any light


KJ Bible: Abundance and variety of marine life all at once (Gen 1:20-21)

Evolution: Marine life gradually developed from a primitive organic blob.


KJ Bible: Man’s body from the dust of the earth  (Gen 2:7)

Evolution: Man evolved from monkeys


KJ Bible: Fixed and distinct kinds (Gen 1:11,12, Gen 1:21, Gen 1:24,25; 1Cor 15:38-39)

Evolution: Life forms in a continual state of flux)


KJ Bible: Man’s sin the cause of death (Rom 5:12)

Evolution: Struggle and death existed long before the evolution of man


KJ Bible: Dinosaurs were created on the 6th day, the same day as man (Gen 1:25-26)

Evolution: Dinosaurs evolved hundreds of millions of years before man


KJ Bible: The evening and the morning were the first day. No Big Bang. (Gen 1:5)  

Evolution: The first day took millions of years



APPENDIX C      Back To Headings 

Theistic evolution says that God created evolution and worked through the billions of years to finally create man and all the creatures, using the process of randomness and chance.

If this was the case then, God would be proved to be a liar as the order of creation as set out in Genesis 1 is totally opposite to the order, as set out above, as stated by the evolutionists.

“God is not a man, that he should lie; …” (Num 23:19)

APPENDIX D       Back To Headings 

The Gap Theory mistakenly states that Jesus made two creations with the first being in Gen1:1 and the second in Gen 1:2, and these  two creations were separated by what they call Satan or Lucifer’s flood.

Now according to the Gappists, Lucifer was given the first creation on earth to inhabit but he destroyed it. So Jesus flooded the whole earth after Gen 1:1 and started again with his second creation in Gen 1:2.

Now as support for their theory, the Gappists mistakenly use the following verse, not realizing that it refers to Noah’s flood.

“For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of OLD, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the WORLD that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:” (2 Pet 3:5-6).

For proof of this, we backtrack one chapter where we have the account of Noah’s flood. “And spared not the OLD WORLD, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;” (2 Pet 2:5)

You will notice that Noah’s flood was upon the OLD WORLD. This matches the first mentioned verse where the flood was also upon the OLD WORLD. 


APPENDIX E      Back To Headings 

Contrary to popular Christian belief, we are not under the great commission as given by Christ to his apostles. Christ’s commission has water baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Unfortunately the misapplication of Christ’s commission gives the wrong foundation, and indeed reinforces the misinterpretation, that water baptism is an ordinance for the church.
As the jailer said “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” and Paul replies “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 16:30-31).


 APPENDIX F      Back To Headings 

If Paul didn’t come to water baptize (1Cor 1:17), and we are to be followers of Paul, why would he then make it an ordinance for the church to do what he didn’t do? He wouldn’t.


 APPENDIX G      Back To Headings 

The Lord’s supper “… he took the cup, as OFT as ye drink it …”. (1Cor 11:25)

This is not an ordinance but for remembrance as often as you drink it. It’s not a mandatory thing or a must do. In fact, you might never have the Lord’s supper, or indeed, be water baptized.


APPENDIX H      Back To Headings 

There is a set belief among many Christians that water baptism and the Lord’s supper are ordinances for the church today. Is this correct? No

We must remember that Paul is writing to a disorderly church, a church out of order.

The following outlines just a few of the sins of the Corinthian church:

It had a man sleeping with his father’s wife; there were quarrels and divisions; there was the fleshy misapplication of tongues; there was division and vain glory; they were keeping company with professing Christians who were fornicators, covetous, idolators, railers, drunkards and extortioners; they were unfaithful stewards; they were taking each other into the world’s courts; they were defiling the consciences of the weak in faith; they were not keeping their bodies under control; they were lusting, fornicating, murmuring, idolatrous and tempting Christ.   

Today’s church has wrongly misinterpreted the meaning of an ordinance. The proper meaning of the word ‘ordinance’ is to bring back order and to correct behavior, and in this case, to correct the wild excesses of the fleshy Corinthian church.

It is to be noted that Paul states ““… keep the ordinances, as I delivered (the past tense which was earlier in 1Co 11:2) them to you.”

Paul was in fact referring to instructions previously given. We note that when Paul talks to the saved, he entreats them not orders them. This is what ordinances are – they appeal to reason. Paul certainly not averse to giving orders as he directly orders them concerning ‘the collection for the saints’ (1Cor 16:1). But ordinances are not orders. They are instructions on how to bring back and set in order, the proper behaviours in the church.

Are we to suppose that the symbolic ceremonies of water baptism and the Lord’s supper would do this? Hardly!

What Paul required was a change of the heart and behaviour, a repentance, not an outward ceremony.

Indeed, some of the Thessalonian church were walking disorderly by not working and being busybodies, and Paul wanted a change of their behavior. He certainly didn’t recommend more water baptism and Lord’s supper to accomplish this.

So when people walk disorderly, as in the case of the church at Corinth, Paul could certainly order them no problem, but instead, as the Lord does in Colossians and Ephesians, he talks gently as it were, to sons in the family.

What were the earlier ordinances and instructions that had already been delivered to them in the first ten chapters? There were many! The Corinthian church needed them all as they were a church full of the flesh. Paul doesn’t use the word ‘ordinances’ for any other church.

‘Ordinances’ are the procedures and instructions necessary to keep right order in an institution.


1Co 1:10 no divisions; 1Co 1:31 glory in the Lord; 1Co 2:13 compare spiritual with spiritual; 1Co 3:8 reward for own labour;  1Co 3:13-15 take heed how you build; 1Co 3:16-17 be holy; 1Co 3:20-21 no vain glory; 1Co 4:1-2 be a faithful steward; 1Co 6:4  don’t be puffed up; 1Co 4:16  be followers of Paul;1Co 5:1 no fornication; 1Co 5:11 no eating with professing Christians who are fornicators, covetous, idolaters, railers, drunkards, extortioners;  1Co 5:12 judge those within; 1Co 6:1-8 don’t be judged in the world’s courts; 1Co 6:9-10 no inheritance; 1Co 6:18 flee fornication; 1Co 7:1-40 marriage advice; 1Co 8:13 don’t defile the conscience of the weak; 1Co 9:7 soldiers worthy to be paid; 1Co 9:19 be servant to all; 1Co 9:24 run for the prize 1Co 9:27 keep the body under; 1Co 10:6-14 cease lusting, idolatry, fornication, tempting Christ, murmuring; 1Co 10:23 all things edify not; 1Co 10:32 give none offence.

Keeping the symbolic, formal ceremonies of the Lord’s supper and water baptism had nothing to do with correcting out of control behavior at Corinth.

No, Paul needed ordinances for this sinful and disorderly church. Paul wanted true repentance and changes in their sinful behavior.

In fact, they were probably keeping up appearances with many Lord’s suppers and water baptisms as an outward show, but what the Lord wanted was a changed heart.

Indeed the Lord reminds us through the prophet Isaiah to Judah (Isa 1:10-13,14-15). Indeed he calls them Sodom. Stop the ceremonies! I want true repentance - a change of heart.


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There are three classes of utterance - with two being legitimate and the third of the flesh.

Class 1: At Pentecost, they spoke in proper languages that people understood. They were known languages.

Class 2: After Pentecost, someone might speak in a proper language, but no-one understood. These were languages that were unknown to any present.

Class 3: Today, what is uttered are not a proper languages, but manufactured fleshy sounds, that can be labeled as ‘babble’.

Now, desiring to be spiritual, today’s babblers would have us believe that they speak in unknown languages, therefore trying to convince us that they are Class 2 speakers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Holy Spirit baptism happens when an unsaved man believes on the Lord Jesus Christ. At that point in time, he is spiritually baptized by the holy Spirit, called the Holy Ghost, into the death of Christ. This is a waterless baptism.

A misunderstanding of the scriptures will have you believe that we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, as if we are splashing around in some sort of spiritual bathtub and enjoying a one-to-one ecstatic fellowship with the Holy Ghost.

This is a wrong understanding of the scriptures. The term is “baptized by” or “baptized with” the Holy Ghost. He is the means and not the end.

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Pastors today say that because we are children of Abraham, we should at least give a tithe because Abraham did it in Gen 14:20, and this occurred before the giving of the law.

But the question is, when did Abraham become a man of faith? Was it before or after he gave tithes to Melchisedec?  It is after, because this is when he believed and became a man of faith.


You see, at Genesis12:1-3, God only told him what was going to happen. There was no response from Abraham that he believed God, and so he wasn’t a man of faith at this point in time.

However, after he had given tithes to Melchisedec at Gen 14:20, he believes God at Gen 15:6 and so he becomes a man of faith.

Now Christians are children of Abraham who is our father in the faith. Abraham is not our father before he had faith (Gal 3:6-7).

Furthermore, Paul never mentions tithing in his two whole chapters on giving in 2 Cor chapters 8 and 9.

The word Christian ’tithing’ should never be used as God simply loveth a cheerful giver.



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