QUESTION: “What does it mean when the Pastor says “the originals” or “the Greek says …” or “the King James is the best translation…”

ANSWER: It means he’s a man sitting on a log headed for the falls.

I guarantee when someone says the phrase “the originals …” or “the Greek…” or “the King James is the best translation …” or “the richness of the Greek …” you can put your house on the fact they are hiding from something or hiding something! Yes, hiding from the truth.

I guarantee they live in a theological submarine with very bad leaks.

I guarantee that should any of them be in the kingdom of God, they operate with the theological E10 fuel in their tanks … that is, they have a mixture of kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God theologies, but mostly kingdom of heaven.

I guarantee they will say “We prefer the King James Bible” but it still has errors.

I guarantee they will say “The King James Bible is the best translation”.

I guarantee they are wriggle-artists, wriggling worms looking to escape and like rabbits disappearing down holes.

I guarantee that “the Originals” give them wriggle room to change, substitute, omit, add, subtract, remove and interpret any verse, words or doctrine, at any time, in any way they do not agree with.

I guarantee they will say “Ah! But Mr. Such and Such says this” and “Mr. So and So says that”.

I guarantee they will say “I think the Bible has many mysteries that we can’t fathom out. I think the meaning lies between “On one hand this” and “On the other hand that.”

I guarantee they will not be pinned down by THE book.

I guarantee they will say “It’s like an aeroplane – we don’t fly on one wing do we? No, we need two wings for balance”

I guarantee they are horrified being subject to THE book.

I guarantee they will say “But I wasn’t taught this in Bible College!”

I guarantee they will say “I’ll look into it” but I can’t promise anything.

I guarantee they are more ready to say “What the Bible means is this” rather than “What the Bible says.”

I guarantee they have not studied to show themselves approved unto God.

I guarantee they have not diligently sought after God’s words.

I guarantee they have not prayed from the heart the following “Dear God I want your truth, all of your truth and nothing but your truth AT ANY COST!”

I guarantee they get all teary eyed about Jesus and their salvation, but harden their hearts as to his perfect, inerrant, infallible and inspired words as found in the English of the King James Bible.

I guarantee they go back to “The Greek” – like a married man who visits to his mistress on the side. You know, “the wife is good … but she’s just not enough.”

I guarantee they have a hatred at being subject to the English of the King James Bible. And of course there are reasons for this.

I guarantee they will say “Oh yes! The Bible is not open to private interpretation …. as the true meaning is to be found as contained in the originals.”

I guarantee their use of, but not belief in, the King James Bible simply masks their duplicitous and hypocritical philosophy sourced in the sewers of Alexandria.

I guarantee that although they may have a Bible from Antioch their theology comes from Alexandria.

I guarantee they have a double mindedness

I will guarantee their church today, bar none, without exception, is stuck in the mud and spinning its wheels!

I will guarantee that once you believe, what you will believe, despite what the King James Bible says, God closes up shop on you and your church.

I will guarantee 99% of churches today, bar none, without exception, have brought to nought the word of God!



1. The English King James Bible is probably the best translation, but we can alter it by adding, changing. substituting or eliminating words according to what we prefer.


2. As God is a Spirit, his final word is in spirit form, and can therefore, only be found in heaven.


3. It is impossible for God to produce a final, written authority here on earth. God is not Almighty, he is only sovereign.


4. As God could not preserve his ‘Originals’, we will rely on the bastard children of Origen’s old oracles to help us out. These children are Rome’s Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.

We especially love The New King James Version wordings of “sovereign”, “YAH”, “hades” and “slaves”, and furthermore, no ‘unknown’ tongues!


5. As there is no final written authority on earth, peace and unity is still possible, if we can all agree on the following:

“There is no inerrant, infallible, inspired and perfect scriptures to be found anywhere on earth today. There was once a pile of unseen, unread, unknown and unobtainable manuscripts, that have never been found. They are now in heaven.

As there is no final written authority here on earth, we can prefer what we prefer, and you can prefer what you prefer.

Although we disagree, we can still have unity by agreeing that God could not get us his final, absolute, inerrant written truth”


Does God say to them, paraphrased of course,
“Have it your way, but when you will diligently seek me, and study to show yourself approved to me, then we can do business again! Will you have the truth, all of the truth and nothing but the truth … at any cost? Yes, that means your denomination, your Constitution, your salary and your fear of man?” (2Tim 2:15; Heb 11:6).

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Harley Hitchcock


Did You Know …

… the next time you hear someone say
The Greek says…”,

you can be sure they don’t want to admit
I haven’t got a clue what the English says!”

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